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Board of Directors Manual and Best Practices

Table of Contents

Section I: Dryad, the Board of Directors, and Membership  

  1. Dryad
  2. The Board of Directors
  3. Dryad Membership
  4. Membership Policy
  5. Membership Agreement

Section II: Being a Board Member

  1. Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  2. Dryad Board Operations
  3. Board Member Qualifications
  4. Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members and the Board Chairperson
  5. Bringing Positive Energy into the Boardroom

Section III: Bylaws and Operating Rules

  1. Bylaws
  2. Proposed Changes to Bylaws - May, 2013
  3. How the Agenda for a BOD Meeting is Created

Section IV: Board Standing Committees

  1. Finance
  2. Governance

Section V. Staff and Organizational chart

  1. Senior Staff Listing
  2. Current Board
  3. Organization Chart

Section VI: Policies Pertaining to the Board

  1. Conflicts of Interest and Code of Conduct
  2. Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Coverage
  3. Travel/Meeting Expense Reimbursements (Travel to Board meetings is eligible for reimbursement by Dryad)
    1. Dryad/NESCENT travel Guidelines
    2. Reimbursement forms
Section VII. Policy Statements
  1. Diversity Policy (to be considered)
  2. Document retention polciy (coming)
  3. Others …
  4. Repository policies
    1. Terms of Service
    1. Content Policy
    2. Privacy Policy (coming)
    3. Preservation Policy (coming)
Section VIII.Working with the Board
  1. Annual Calendar
  2. Website
  3. Wiki open resource containing documentation, publicity material, technical release history, publication lists, presentations, etc.; only meeting notes and participant info are private.
  4. Trello system used to set development priorities; tasks are described and progress is documented; all Trello boards are publicly visible; anyone can comment on a Trello card or "vote" for that card to be completed sooner.  Board members have their own Trello Board and are encouraged to add cards and comments.  The "Board" Trello board is representaed at bi-weekly meetings by the Director, Laura Wendell, who can nominate cards to be promoted for development.   Please feel free to email her suggestions for prioritization or new ideas.
  5. Dryad blog
  6. Conference calling information
  7. Google Drive folder: active Dryad Board documents are shared here, accessible only to Board members and Dryad staff.
  8. Mailing lists: see this wiki page for details about Dryad mailing lists for Board members, staff, users, and partners

  9. Appendices