Board of Directors Meeting July 2012

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This page provides information about the meeting of the Dryad Board of Directors, July 23-25, 2012, in Durham, North Carolina USA, at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center.

Meeting report

The first meeting of the elected Dryad Board of Directors officially initiated the formation of Dryad as a non-profit organization. Board members elected officers, formed committees, and reviewed the work of the prior interim board. A cost recovery framework was discussed, repository policies were reviewed and plans were made for hiring an executive director.


  • Directors: Theo Bloom, Lee Dirks (call-in), Liz Ferguson, Simon Hodson (call-in), Marcel Holyoak, Brian Lavoie, Bill Michener, Allen Moore, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Eefke Smit (call-in), Todd Vision, Mike Whitlock
  • Other participants: Elena Feinstein, Peggy Schaeffer, Ryan Scherle


23 July - Monday

  • 900 Introductions and short board member short presentations (3-5 min each)
  • 945 Board orientation and discussion of COI (Counsel: Martin)
  • 1030 Break
  • 1045 Board formation
    • Appointment of Board and ByLaws
    • Appointment of Board to terms
    • Nomination and selection of Officers
    • Motion to ratify actions of Incorporator
    • Motion to approve Bylaws
    • Resolution to approve choice of bank
    • Motion to seek tax-exempt status
    • Motion to retain Counsel
  • 1145 Nomination to committees
    • It has been proposed that the actual appointment to committees be held Tues. afternoon following the breakouts
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Current status of repository and near term plans
  1. Overview (Vision, 10 min.)
    • Summary of deposits, partner journals, downloads, etc.
    • Service partnerships (e.g. DataCite, DataONE, CLOCKSS)
    • R&D projects (e.g. HIVE, DryadUK, ODIN)
  2. Repository technology demo (Scherle, 20 mins.)
    • Key features
    • Integrated (and non-integrated) submission
    • Development planning (Trello)
  3. Curation (Feinstein, 10 min.)
    • What curation entails
    • Ongoing improvements to the process
  • 1400 Discussion of cost recovery (with a break at 1500)
  1. Overview of cost model and revenue projections (Whitlock, slides)
  2. Motion to adopt existing framework
  3. Decisions to be made
    • Baseline deposit fee
    • Building in reasonable transaction costs
    • Membership fee
    • Nonmembership discount (and any other incentives to be built in)
    • Implementing waivers
    • Excess storage costs
    • Phasing in cost recovery
  4. Questions to be addressed by the finance breakout on Tues.

24 July - Tuesday

  • 900 Collect COI forms
  • 905 Strategy session (Facilitated by Michener), with a break at 10:30
  1. Membership: benefits, qualifications, recruitment of new members
  2. Funding and partnership opportunities
  3. Prioritizing upcoming features
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Breakouts (2), prior to officially filling committees
  1. Governance
    • Establish first committees and process for year
    • Draft job description and recruitment plan for executive staff
  2. Finance
    • Charge: format and frequency of reports to the Board, overseeing independent audits
    • Discuss implementation details of cost recovery plan (follow on from Monday afternoon)
  • 1500 Break
  • 1515 Report out from breakouts
  • 1545 Vote on recommendations, settle appointments to committees
  • 1600 Review repository policies
  1. Terms of Service
  2. Collection policy
  3. Preservation policy
  • Vote to adopt or revise these at the conclusion of this discussion or Wed morning
  • 1730 Shuttle to hotel
  • 1830 Dinner

25 July - Wednesday

  • 900 Remaining business (with a break at 1030)
  1. Postponed votes
  2. May 2013 Annual Meeting: date, location and structure
  3. Matters Arising
  • 1200 Adjourn