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Dryad's content will be replicated through the CLOCKSS network.

CLOCKSS will crawl the Dryad site and harvest publicly-viewable content. Data files will only be replicated in CLOCKSS once any embargo has expired.

Manifest Pages

Each quarter, Dryad will publish a manifest page that describes content newly available in Dryad. The manifest page will link to each item that CLOCKSS needs to crawl. This includes:

  • Submissions that have been archived in the repository during the quarter.
  • Submissions for which at least one file has come out of embargo status during the quarter.
  • Submissions for which a new version has become available during the quarter.
  • Submissions that have been edited in other ways (e.g., a metadata change) during the quarter.

Each manifest page must contain (in the text or in a comment): CLOCKSS system has permission to ingest, preserve, and serve this Archival Unit.