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current Collection Policy

Dryad is a repository of scientific data. Dryad strives to collect all data associated with articles appearing in its partner journals, as well as related publications that appear in other venues. For data that is inside the scope of another repository, Dryad may make the data available to the secondary repository while retaining a copy, or Dryad may simply provide a mechanism for researchers to find data in the secondary repository.

Although Dryad focuses on serving its partner journals, Dryad will make an effort to accommodate data accompanying scientific articles in other fields when there is no repository that would be more appropriate for such data. Data unrelated to the coverage of the partner journals is subject to approval by the Dryad Management board. Data files are limited to a maximum size of 1GB, and no more than 10GB of material may be submitted for a single article. In cases where data is deemed to lack sufficient scientific merit, it may be removed from the repository.

Data must be associated with a peer-reviewed publication to be accepted by Dryad.

Last revised: 2011-4-27

Needs revision to reflect expanded scope approved by Board July 2011; see report

  • software
  • non-data supplemental materials
  • non-peer reviewed publications