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Status: Being implemented

Dryad Data Display Widget user documentation.


The Dryad Data Display Widget enables content from deposited Dryad data files to be embedded and viewed on non-Dryad webpages.

Display widget preview x-python 2014-12-15.png


The Data Display Widget may be viewed at the Widget Preview page.

The Data Display Widget enables display of content and metadata for deposited data files, as supported according to data content type. In addition to its initial display mode, the widget supports four additional display modes:

  • zoom: maximize display of data content
  • share: display links to share Dryad data file through social media platforms
  • download: download data file to user's machine
  • cite: display reference-list citations for Dryad data resource and associated journal article

Technical Documentation

Information on embedding a data-display widget in a webpage may be found at the Data Display Widget Embedding page.

Information on the maintenance and extension of the data-display widget may be found at the Data Display Widget Technology page.

Design History

See Data Display Widget Design History for documentation of initial functional requirements and user interface wireframes.