Developer Retreat 2014

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Location: NESCent's Grey Conference Room

About participation

  • All developers (Ryan, Dan, Daisie, Nathan) will be participating throughout the meeting.
  • It is assumed that Todd and Bill will also participate throughout the entire meeting, except for their grant administration meeting on Monday afternoon.
  • Martin will participate as time allows, most likely in the morning sessions.
  • Other participants are noted in the relevant sections.

Monday, July 28, 2014

9:00am Introductions, Brief review of Development Roadmap and Strategic Plan

9:15am General team issues:

  • Extra participants: Hilmar, Jamie, Elizabeth, Jane, (possibly Erin)
  • General team communication (Ryan):
    • Should we encourage the entire team to use slack?
    • Should we allow/invite external developers to use slack?
    • Improving communication with staff who "own" features/bugs
  • Making it easier for non-developers to edit the website (Elizabeth)
  • Improving documentation for developers, both for onboarding employees and to support external developers (Ryan/Daisie/Nathan)
  • Social media coverage (Jamie)
    • Review policies for announcements and communication with end-users.
    • Are there niches we're not hitting? (Google Plus?)

10:30am Break

10:45am Support for curation (Elizabeth)

  • Extra participants: Erin, Elizabeth, Jane
  • Detailed planning for curation scaling
  • Review plans for workflow/communication as work moves to Drexel
  • Communication between developers and curators
    • Brainstorm to identify common use cases for communication
    • What communication mechanism is best for each use case?
    • How to best handle urgent items?
    • How to notify curators of feature deployment schedule?
    • Should curators use slack?
  • Requirements gathering for redesign review workflow (Daisie)

12pm Lunch

1pm Submission system issues (Elizabeth)

  • Extra participants: Elizabeth, Jamie
  • Review the submission system interface -- overall workflow and usability
    • This could potentially be a substantial agenda item where we walk through the system screen by screen

3pm Break

3:15pm Support for near-term development projects:

  • Preparing for DSpace 4.0 upgrade. Analyze test coverage and determine tests that need to be in place for a smooth upgrade. (Dan)
  • (if needed) Further review/planning for ORCID work. (Ryan/Todd)
  • Review current prototype for Data Display Widget. Discuss how to structure file viewers. (Nathan)
  • Discuss potential UI designs for integrating DataONE search into Dryad search interface. (Nathan)

5:30pm Adjourn

6pm Dinner at Cuban Revolution

7pm Interested people may attend the Durham Bulls game.

Tuesday, July 28, 2014

9am Development planning for next year (Ryan)

  • Support for general scalability
    • Effects of greater usage/downloads
    • Effects of greater submissions
    • Effects of greater journal integrations
  • Fleshing out details for development activities in year 1 & 2 of the strategic plan.
  • Timeline and resources required for all development activities on the strategic plan.
  • Re-organizing the Development Roadmap to align with the Strategic Plan

10:30am Break (Todd/Bill have scheduled a call)

10:45 Continue development planning discussions

12pm Lunch

1pm Future of the Dryad software platform:

  • Extra participants: Jim Tuttle (Duke), Markus Wust (NCSU)
  • Review/brainstorm long-term requirements for a development platform.
  • Review available technology platforms.
  • Review schedule of platform in strategic plan

2:45pm break

3pm Leftover issues, opportunistic issues, wrapup

5:00pm adjourn

Extra topics

These topics were suggested, and may be addressed as time permits. However, they can be addressed in other meetings.

  • Reporting
    • Review reports that are currently sent. For each report:
      • does the report meet our needs?
      • who is responsible for creating it? is there a backup person?
      • can we automate the report?
  • Document management plans -- wiki, Google docs, Dropbox
  • Project management tools / methods (Trello, FogBugz, etc.)
    • Gather requirements
    • Note that a full change may need to wait until we hire an executive director.