Dryad Usage Logging Technology

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Status: The requirements for this feature is under development




The purpose of this technology is to generate a log of user interactions such as submission and search through Dryad. The existing logging technologies do not provide a detailed enough framework to extract this data.

Related Technologies

Dryad uses the DSpace statistics module to aggregate and display view/download counts for data packages and files. Google Analytics is also used as a high-level web analytics package.

DSpace [1] is an object that is designed for recording actions on DSpace Objects (e.g. Dryad Data Packages or Dryad Data Files). It references an Action and a DSpaceObject, so may not be the best fit for logging user interactions in the submission or search system


The following areas of functionality are targeted for Dryad Usage Logging:

  1. Submission
  2. Workflow / curation
  3. Search
  4. User registration

The following fields shall be recorded for each user action

  1. Date and time
  2. Sesssion or user-id
    • Necessary to establish a sequence of actions performed by a distinct user
    • For submissions, a user id will be available but could be de-identified
  3. Action
    • What link or button led to this page
  4. Page or submission step
    • Submission system uses continuations in URLs so URLs alone are not sufficient
    • Search system facets
  5. Results shown to user
    • Number of search items
    • Other submission-relevant data?