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=== Meetings ===
=== Meetings ===
* First meeting: [[Management Board Meeting Spring 2009|May 2009]], Durham NC
* First meeting: [[Management Board Meeting Spring 2009|May 2009]], Durham NC
* Second meeting: Dec. 14-15, 2009, London, UK
* Second meeting: [[Management_Board_Meeting_Winter_2009|Dec. 14 & 15, 2009]] London, UK
[[Category:Project Management]]
[[Category:Project Management]]

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The Dryad Management Board oversees the long-term use and development of Dryad. Members are appointed by journals or their scientific societies. Partner Journals (or their scientific societies) have adopted the Joint Data Archiving Policy and have full voting rights on the Management Board. Associate Journals are represented, but do not vote. There is no more than one representative from each journal; societies that publish multiple journals may appoint one representative for each journal or may elect to have a single representative speak for multiple journals.

Governance documents


Partner journals

  • William Michener+ (Ecological Applications, Ecological Monographs, Ecology)
  • Allen Moore+ (Journal of Evolutionary Biology)
  • Mohamed Noor (Evolution)
  • Rod Page (Systematic Biology)
  • Michelle Tseng (Evolutionary Applications)
  • Marcy Uyenoyama+ (Molecular Biology and Evolution)
  • Tim Vines+ (Molecular Ecology)
  • Michael Whitlock+ (American Naturalist)
  • Derek Wildman (Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution)
  • TBD (Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Ecology - British Ecological Society)

+=Executive Committee members

Associate partner journals

  • Harold Heatwole (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology)
  • Pete Wagner (Journal of Paleontology, Paleobiology)
  • Marcel Holyoak (Ecology Letters)
  • Scott Baker (Journal of Heredity)
  • Erica Fleishman (Conservation Biology)
  • John A Allen (Biological Journal of the Linnean Society)