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* etc
* etc
== Topics ==
=== [[Management Board Meeting Spring 2009]] ===
# Governance policies
# Financial sustainability
# Coordination of required data sharing among (voting) member journals and societies
# Intellectual property issues regarding deposited data, including embargo policy
# Data citation/paper citation policy
# Who has the right to submit and modify data?
# Whether Dryad should allow community input on data records
# Priorities for partner repositories
# Priorities for development of reporting/data format standards
# Policies for assessing compliance with data sharing requirements
# Policies for large datasets and proprietary formats
Date TBD, ideally early 2009
===Day X===
Follow this template
*Session 1: Stuff
*Session 2: More stuff
*Session 3: Yet more stuff
*Session 4: Even yet more stuff
===Day 1===
* Session 1
* Description of the Dryad project overall, what we expect from the board.
* Current status:
** Funding and staffing
** Repository development
** Metadata research
** Journal interaction
** Interaction with other Repositories
* Questions we need answered immediately
* Set aside time for the board to discuss their own desires? Feature requests, other things board members think the board needs to decide...
[[Category:Project Management]]
[[Category:Project Management]]

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The Dryad Management Board will oversee the long-term use and development of Dryad. It will consist of representatives from all Dryad partners, including journals, societies, and repositories. There will be one representative from each journal. Societies that publish multiple journals may appoint one representative for each journal or may elect to have a single representative speak for multiple journals.


Voting members represent societies/journals that have adopted the Joint Data Sharing Policy or its equivalent.

Voting members

  • Michael Whitlock (American Society of Naturalists)
  • Allen Moore (European Society for Evolutionary Biology)
  • Mohamed Noor (Society for the Study of Evolution)
  • Rod Page (Society for Systematic Biology)

Non-voting members

  • WIlliam Michener or David Baldwin (Ecological Society of America)
  • NESCent/Dryad folks

Voting status TBD

  • TBD (American Institute of Biological Sciences/BioOne)
  • TBD (Biological Journal of the Linnean Society of London)
  • TBD (Evolutionary Applications)
  • Loren Reiseberg (Molecular Ecology)
  • Derek Wildman (Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution)
  • TBD (Paleontological Society)
  • TBD (Proc. Roy Soc. London B)
  • TBD (Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution)
  • TBD (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology)

Additional journals/societies to contact

  • Journal of Biogeography
  • Journal of Morphology
  • New Phytologist
  • Biology Letters
  • others TBD


  • IP
  • Business
  • etc

Management Board Meeting Spring 2009