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The Dryad Management Board will oversee the long-term use and development of Dryad. It will consist of representatives from all Dryad partners, including journals, societies, and repositories. There will be one representative from each journal. Societies that publish multiple journals may appoint one representative for each journal or may elect to have a single representative speak for multiple journals.


  • Mohamed Noor (Society for the Study of Evolution)
  • Michael Whitlock (American Society of Naturalists)

Questions for the Board to consider

  1. What is the long-term funding model for Dryad? Can journals impose page charges sufficient to maintain a repository? Are page charges reasonable for graduate students and other researchers with minimal funding? Can a more permanent governmental funding stream be located (similar to GenBank)?
  2. What policies shall Dryad have regarding embargo?
  3. How should data be cited? At the publication level? At the individual file level? The citation method must be consistent, so as not to skew citation-ranking measures. Dryad can publish suggested citation formats, but each individual journal will have to enforce policies for citations that appear in that journal.
  4. Who takes over as primary contact for a dataset when the corresponding author dies? Should we attempt to keep all corresponding author information current? How?
  5. What does it mean for an author to submit "adequate data"? Are some types of data (e.g., raw instrument readings) too detailed?
  6. What policies should Dryad have regarding the storage of very large data sets? This can include videos, simulation results, genomic data, etc. Should Dryad accept everything and bear all storage costs, raising the amount of base funding needed? Or should large data sets be supported by fees from the author?