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This is a series of high-fidelity slide mockups, with markup preserved offline. Most slide text is styled HTML over static PNG backgrounds. Apologies for the large images, but it's important to see the designs in their final context, with surrounding shapes and colors. --Jim Allman (talk) 02:10, 30 August 2013 (EDT)

Here are the initial and approved versions of a custom (one-time use) slide announcing the rollout of the Data Publishing Charge.

Slide-preview-watering-can.png DPC-announcement-revised.png

Some early options for a Featured Data slide. This format could lend itself to automation, but early versions still included a lot of manual curation and grooming of images.

Slide-preview-metamorphosis-pub.png Slide-preview-metamorphosis-data.png Metamorphosis-revised.png

Here we explore different ways to give Featured Data slides a distinctive signature.

Featured-data-corner-badge.png Featured-data-soft-ribbon.png Featured-data-green-ribbon.png Featured-data-ribbon-leftalign.png

The corner badge was an early favorite, so I explored different color combinations.

Featured-data-green-on-black.png Featured-data-white-on-green.png

In the interest of further automation, we've also looked at using generic background images. These would dress up the slides with varying colors and textures, without implying much (if anything) about the real data in these packages.

Metamorphosis-generic-bg-2.png Metamorphosis-generic-bg-no-cover.png Metamorphosis-generic-bg-cover.png