Item Viewer Stats Mockups

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Item Viewer Stats Mockups

We talked in the last all-hands about putting stats next to the identifiers for package and file item pages; here are some mockups for this...

Data Package

1. Stats on Item View #1


This version of the package has the stats on both, in red, in a slightly smaller font, and bolded. Also notice "Individual Data Files" instead of "Dryad Data Files" per our all-hands discussion of "component", "individual", etc.


2. Stats on Item View #2


This version of is the same as above in terms of styling, but has more links so you can see it repeated


3. Stats on Item View #3


This version is almost the same as the above but uses a colon as a separator between views and downloads (we could alternatively use a comma or add more space in between there).


4. Stats on Item View #4


This version shows the text smaller, in bold, with the colon, but without the red color.


  • I like the black, since nothing else on the page is red. (Though I don't think we need the colon.) --Ryan Scherle 18:02, 27 September 2010 (EDT)

Data File

5. Stats on Item View #5


This version is like the above but on the data file item page