Journal Concepts

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Journal metadata is managed by the DSpace Editable Authority Control system.


To configure the first time:

  • load the authority.sql script to create tables
psql < /opt/dryad/etc/postgres/authority.sql
  • load the journal-types registry
/opt/dryad/bin/dsrun org.dspace.administer.MetadataImporter -f /opt/dryad/config/registries/journal-types.xml
  • Import the data from the journal config file. This will use the properties file identified by /opt/dryad/config/dspace.cfg
/opt/dryad/bin/dspace dsrun  org.datadryad.authority.ImportJournal2Authority

Internal Storage

Each journal is a concept in the authority control system.

Each version of the journal name is a term.

The primary storage for authority control is in the Concept and Term tables, but the terms are indexed into the solr authority core.