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Status: This page represents brainstorming. Nothing is final.

This page describes ideas for the display of journal-specific statistics in Dryad. Such journal statistics pages are under development in Dryad, but when completed they will be available for all journals that have implemented integration with Dryad.

  • Cover image
  • Publisher
  • 1-sentence description of scope
  • Member?
  • Payment plan info
  • Peer review available?
  • whether metadata embargo is required (prior to pub)
  • data embargo possible?
  • total number of data packages
  • total number of files (available and under embargo)
  • list of most recent deposits
  • total views and total downloads
  • list of most popular downloads (by month, year, all-time)
  • [could also use page for specialized search, e.g. by keyword within journal and/or by volume & page of article]

other items suggested by journals in conversations August 2013:

  • top 10 downloaded files
  • top 10 viewed files
  • subsequent citations of the data packages
  • would like to know geographic breakdown of users -- developing countries especially; is there a difference between viewers and downloaders of data by country ? and how does this change over time?

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