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Journals notify Dryad about articles by sending structured emails. Dryad processes the emails to pre-fill content for authors who may submit data associated with their article. Key elements of this feature:

  • Although journals use many different types of software for processing manuscripts, all such software is capable of sending email. Most systems can be configured for use with Dryad in a matter of minutes.
  • The emails must follow a consistent structure, but Dryad is tolerant of minor variations within this structure.
  • Journals can send an unlimited number of emails. If Dryad receives multiple messages about a single manuscript, only the most recent message is used.


The manuscript processing system should be configured to send emails at the time of article acceptance. If the journal will be reviewing data in Dryad prior to acceptance, additional messages should be configured. These additional messages should be sent at the time of manuscript submission and at the time of manuscript rejection.

The format of these emails is specified on the Journal Metadata page. For more information about the Dryad integration process, see Submission Integration.

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