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These are links to journals' instructions and guidelines for authors which include reference to a strong or mandatory data archiving policy, such as the Joint Data Archiving Policy, and/or Dryad.

We suggest that journal guidelines explicitly address data archiving, and

  • name appropriate repositories, including Dryad
  • link to, or include, the Dryad repository URL,
  • describe the place and form for data identifiers in the final manuscript, for example:
    • Provide details of publicly archived data files in a Data Resources section of the article, and include the full data citation in the References.
  • Dryad recommends that the Dryad DOI be included as an in-text citation, and additionally that the full data citation be listed in the reference section of the article. This will ensure that the data is permanently accessible, and will make it easier to find data references within the journal and other scholarly literature. CrossRef recommends this practice.

Please let us know of additions to this list.