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Official logos for use with Dryad promotional materials. (See also: Publicity Material)

Dryad Logos


High-resolution logos:

Logos for web and electronic use:

Tips for using the Dryad logo:

  • The green color used most prominently in the logo is Pantone 363C, RGB (64, 132, 31), or HTML color #40841F
  • Fonts: Verdana (Bold) looks best next to the logo, but it also works with Calibri, Lucida Sans Unicode, Trebuchet MS, and Lucida Grande CE.

NESCent Logos

NESCentLogo.png NescentLogoSolid.jpg

For files with various colors/sizes/formats, see the official NESCent logo page.

MRC Logos

MRC logo.png

NSF Logos

NSF has a logos page with many different logos and descriptions of appropriate use.

IMLS Logos

IMLS Logo 2c small.jpg

The IMLS Logos page includes other sizes/formats, as well as guidelines for using the logo (basically "don't change it").