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!colspan="2"|Dryad Logo
!colspan="2"|Dryad Logo
|[[Media:DryadLogoRectangle.eps|Full color rectangular EPS]]
|[[Media:DryadLogoRectangle.eps|Full color rectangular EPS]]

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Official logos for use with Dryad promotional materials. (See also: Publicity Material)

Dryad Logos

Dryad Logo
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Full color rectangular EPS
Black & White

High-resolution logos:

Logos for web and electronic use:

NESCent Logos

NESCentLogo.png NescentLogoSolid.jpg

For files with various colors/sizes/formats, see the official NESCent logo page.

NSF Logos

NSF has a logos page with many different logos and descriptions of appropriate use.

IMLS Logos

IMLS Logo 2c small.jpg

The IMLS Logos page includes other sizes/formats, as well as guidelines for using the logo (basically "don't change it").