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Digital Repository of Information and Data for Evolution (DRIADE)

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A joint project of NESCent and the UNC Metadata Research Center

Pronounced how? Like a Dryad?
NESCent West/MRC East?

Our goal is to establish a repository for heterogeneous digital datasets in the field of evolutionary biology in order to ensure long-term preservation and promote resource discovery and reuse. The focus will be on published datasets, with tight linkages to major evolutionary biology journals and domain-specific community databases.

Some guiding principles:

  • Minimize the technical expertise and time required for data deposition and metadata generation
  • Provide tools and incentives to researchers for quality metadata generation and dataset reuse
  • Be sensitive to the intellectual property rights of researchers
  • Ensure a self-sustaining economic model with a plan for long-term data stewardship
  • Engage related efforts in allied fields (e.g. ecology, paleontology, genetics) and in the information science community.

This wiki contains planning documents of various sorts as well as the products of our own research into related efforts in other fields.