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When DOIs are registered with DataCite through the REST API, it is not possible to manually edit metadata through the web interface.

EZID has provided a python command-line tool that communicates with the API. It is documented in the EZID API Docs:

When Dryad sends metadata, the metadata uses the DataCite XML schema, and is ANVL-encoded. The script will handle the ANVL encoding, but the user must provide datacite metadata in XML format.

Manually generating DataCite XML

Dryad generates metadata by transforming XML documents with an XSL, and this process can be replicated using simple command line tools

  1. Copy the DIM2DATACITE.xsl stylesheet file from the dryad-repo/config/crosswalks directory to a local working location
  2. Determine the item's metadata URL. If the item is at, just add /mets.xml to the URL. Visit the URL in a web browser, and confirm there is an XML document with expected metadata.
  3. Generate a datacite XML document using xsltproc:
    xsltproc DIM2DATACITE.xsl > datacite-dryad.a1b2c.xml

The XML document can now be modified.

Validating DataCite XML

After making modifications, It's a good idea to validate the xml against the DataCite XSD. This can be done with the xmllint tool:

xmllint --noout --schema datacite-a1b2c.xml
datacite-a1b2c.xml validates

Be sure to check for the latest schema.

Using to update DOI registrations

There is a tool in dryad-utils for manually registering or updating a DOI. Run it locally on the machine running the Dryad instance, as it will use the transforms located in the deployed Dryad.

Usage: [options]


 -h, --help           show this help message and exit
 --doi=DOI            doi to register or update
 --blackout           use blackout transform to save metadata
 --action=ACTION      register/create/update

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