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UNM is creating an OAI-PMH provider to add on to Metacat.


  • Metacat exposes all metadata through an OAI-PMH provider.
  • The provider makes all data available in these formats:
  • Dryad harvests all metadata exposed by Metacat.
    • The record in Dryad must point to the record in Metacat, enabling users to find the actual datasets.
  • Metacat harvests metadata from the Dryad OAI-PMH server, and makes it available alongside the native Metacat metadata.
  • Not an actual requirement, but keep in mind that we need to eventually download the data files.


  • Mark: follow up with Matt Jones on the current state of the MetaCat OAI-PMH provider
  • Ryan: work with MRC to determine "ideal" Dryad records.
  • Duane: Create XSL to convert EML -> simple DC
  • Duane: Create XSL to convert EML -> Dryad application profile
  • Duane: Create XSL to convert dryad application profile -> EML
  • Ryan: Evaluate quality of simple DC and Dryad application profile records, suggest modifications to XSL
  • Duane: Complete/create OAI-PMH provider functionality in Metacat
  • Ryan: Configure harvest of Metacat metadata and test metadata availability in Dryad
  • Duane: Install an OAI-PMH harvester and configure to harvest from the Dryad provider.

Open Questions

  • Should any "sets" be defined in the provider? Is there any natural breakdown of the MetaCat data into categories?
  • Is there any need to convert from simple DC to EML?

EML Examples

The EML schema documents (EML 2.0.1) can be downloaded at (note that there is a new revision, EML 2.1, of the schema due to be released this Spring).

1) Georgia Coastal Ecosystem LTER (knb-lter-gce.247.9.xml): Annual summaries of daily climatological observations from the National Weather Service weather station at Brunswick, Georgia for 1915 to 2004.

2) North Temperate Lake LTER (knb-lter-ntl.110.2): Lake Metabolism in North Temperate Lakes.

3) Andrews Experimental Forest LTER (knb-lter-and.3185.4.xml): Role of vegetation and coarse wood debris on soil processes and mycorrhizal mat distribution patterns at the Hi-15, Andrews Experimental Forest.