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This page describes how Dryad data packages are linked from relevant NCBI database pages, in particular PubMed and several molecular sequence databases, including GenBank's nucleotide and protein databases.


LinkOut is a service, provided by NCBI, that allows external providers, such as Dryad, to add links from pages served by NCBI databases such as PubMed or GenBank. For example,

  • a PubMed page for a publication with associated data in Dryad will have a link from the PubMed page to the Dryad data package page.
  • a GenBank page will link to a Dryad data package that will have other data relating to the sequence.

This feature makes no change to the Dryad website, but provides another way to find Dryad resources.


Just follow the link from the NCBI page to arrive at the appropriate Dryad package page.

This screen shot shows a Dryad Linkout from a PubMed page for a Dryad deposited article.


This screen shot shows a Dryad Linkout from a GenBank sequence associated with an article with a Dryad deposit.


Usage Statistics

Statistics about usage of LinkOut are stored in Dryad's GitHub repository.

Technical Documentation

Technical and design details at NCBI Linkout Technology.

Design History

The tool for generating NCBI LinkOut files was implemented in 2012 and the first set of files were delivered to NCBI in December 2012. Several modifications to the search system to support the links as they appear on NCBI pages were implemented by Atmire in November 2012.

Relevant links:

  • The main NCBI linkout page.