NSF grant 2012-2016

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Dryad received a second grant from the US National Science Foundation in 2012.


This grant DBI-1147166 is entitled: "Dryad: Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure for the Publication of Data."

Dates of funding

This grant provides support from 2012 to 2016.


Partners on this grant include the U.S. National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, the University of North Carolina Metadata Research Center, North Carolina State University's Digital Library Program.


The goals of this grant are: "to build capacity for scaling up the repository so that it has the ability to handle an order of magnitude more data on annual basis, from dozens to hundreds of journals. Additionally we will evaluate the consequences of repository and journal policies in order to provide evidence for future decision-making and to evaluate the success of the archive. Finally we will implement a mature revenue plan that will allow Dryad to transition from a research project to an independent not-for-profit organization, one that is governed by its stakeholder community."


Download the proposal.