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Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.


I would like to invite you to attend a small workshop to help guide the development of a digital repository for published evolutionary biology data. As you may already be aware, such a repository is a major goal of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent).

Invitees include staff from NESCent, UNC's Metadata Research Center, stakeholders from journals and societies, and some local experts in data sharing. Your participation will be very helpful to us at this critical stage of the project to ensure that the final product is of maximal utility to the community. We would like to brief you on what we are doing, and get your feedback about the initial requirements for the system and the process of refining those requirements.

We have reserved facilities at NESCent (in Durham) on Dec 5th from 9-2pm. Please let me know what times, if any, you would be free to attend during that interval.

Best regards, Todd Vision Associate Director for Informatics National Evolutionary Synthesis Center http://www.nescent.org