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User Requirements:

  1. Some journals want the metadata to be suppressed until the article is published.
  2. Authors, journals, and Dryad want the data package DOI to resolve as early as possible in the process.
  3. Dryad curators should be minimally impacted by the new process.

Functional Requirements:

  1. For journals with publicationBlackout=true, authors aren't allowed to select "publish immediately" option for the embargo
  2. when curator approval is given, if article is not yet published, the data package goes into an "approved" queue -- NOT into the main repository (because we would have too many distribution mechanisms to close up, and we might miss one)
    1. At this time, the DOI is registered, but no metadata is submitted to EZID, and the DOI resolves to a special page (all "approved" items resolve to the same page).
    2. The "approved" page says something like "At the request of the journal, this data package is hidden from view until the associated article is published."
    3. The "approved" page includes a comment form that lets people notify Dryad when the article is published.
  3. When the article is published:
    1. Dryad finds out via: a journal's eTOC, RSS feed, entry in PubMedCentral, or a user filling out the form above.
    2. curator adds final publication details (eventually will be automated, but initially manual)
    3. curator (or automated process) moves the data package into the main archive
    4. The DOI is updated to point to the published data package
    5. full metadata is sent to EZID

Open questions

  1. best way to handle this in the interim?
  2. design for authors to make final edits to their data packages before it moves into the curator queue

Tasks remaining

  1. wording for the page the DOI links to
  2. wording for email that goes out upon article approval
  3. email that goes out when the article is published??
  4. implement the technical process
  5. flesh this page out to be a full "features" page