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*Silvio Peroni
*Silvio Peroni
*Abbey Thompson
*Abbey Thompson
*[http://www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/staff/academics/shotton_dm.htm David M Shotton]
*Akio Sone
*Akio Sone
*Hollie White
*Hollie White

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This page lists Dryad repository personnel. For membership and governance of the Dryad organization, see Governance, and for information about Dryad funding, see Grants.

Senior personnel


Curation and outreach

Other contributors



  • Amol Bapat
  • Amy Bouck
  • Sarah Carrier
  • Kevin S. Clarke
  • Jed Dube
  • Tanya Gray
  • Brian Hole
  • Rosie Kilgore
  • Ruth Monnig
  • José R. Pérez-Agüera
  • Silvio Peroni
  • Abbey Thompson
  • David M Shotton
  • Akio Sone
  • Hollie White
  • Max Wilkinson