Preservation working group 2013

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Working Group Goals

Working Group Members

Working Group Meetings

Kickoff Meeting, date: to-be-confrimed

  • Doodle poll for kick-off meeting
  • Connection information TBD


  1. Introductions (brief)
  2. Overview of working group goals
    • Creation of Dryad policy statement on preservation (strategic, long term)
    • Plan for implementation (priorities, immediate actions and long term goals)
  3. Quick, preservation-related facts about Dryad
    • size of collection: more than 7000 files and growing every day, see Dryad homepage for current stats
    • daily ingest of new content
    • heterogeneous files types, some non-preferred for preservation (e.g., proprietary formats), see this text file for a snapshot of formats in Dryad on Feb 5 2013
    • currently no real preservation activities (beyond basics like checksums, server backup, etc.)
    • in process of joining CLOCKSS
  4. Questions from the group
  5. Action item for group members
    • Send us one to three examples of model preservation policy documents from other organizations, that are relevant to Dryad
    • Send us one to three other resources, such as templates, best practices documents, or preferred format documentation