Proposed Student Projects

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Dryad occasionally has the opportunity to work with student interns through projects like the Google Summer of Code and the DataONE internship program. This page collects ideas for projects that are suitable for student work. All of these projects provide valuable progress for Dryad. They are relatively self-contained projects, requiring a minimal amount of background knowledge before the student is able to make a meaningful contribution.

Processing data packages with SWORD and ORE

Extend the DSpace SWORD interface to support BagIt data packages OAI-ORE descriptions. Upon receiving a package with an OAI-ORE description, it should be able to generate the equivalent data package and data files in the submission system. Extend the existing BagIt exporter to create equivalent packages for export purposes.

Proposed as a project for the 2012 Phyloinformatics Summer of Code.

Metadata editing with HAMR

Build out the user interface for HAMR. Integrate HAMR with Dryad.

Improving the Dryad API

Implement the proposal for a new Dryad API.

Generating Curation Reports

Develop more reports that are needed from the list of Curator Reports.