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Some resources

PR Steps to Take

  1. Put together a press release with all relevant information
    1. This should be in very accessible language, and tell people "we're building something that will change the way science is done"
    2. Coordinate with Wanda Monroe, who handles PR for UNC SILS. Wanda may need a few sentences for a SILS item; she will cull these from the abstract on the NSF site.
    3. Dryad and HIVE press releases should mention each other.
  2. BioScience is willing to write an article about Dryad. We want to take advantage of this once we have something worth publicizing. (In Spring 2009)
  3. We will see whether we can get an entry in Science to appear around the same time as the BioScience article.
  4. Register with ROAR
  5. Start a Dryad blog.
  6. Announcements in other journals. (Wait until submission system ready?)
  7. NSF may run an article when we have some "results" to show, especially if we provide them with a ready-made podcast

PR Steps completed

  1. Put a news item on the Nescent home page. See
  2. Created website.
  3. Many Publications.
  4. Community survey.
  5. Registered Dryad with OpenDOAR