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Some resources

PR channels

  • Blog - General outlet for feature announcements and longer discussions of issues relevant to the Dryad user community; original content, news about Dryad of broad interest
  • Twitter - we post two different Twitter feeds, one for general news about Dryad and open data (@datadryad), and one for notices of new data (@datadryadnew).
  • Facebook page - echoes content from the Twitter account.
  • Dryad Users mailing list includes end users and anyone who has signed up for updates about Dryad, for occasional announcements, no discussion; see
  • Dryad developer community mailing list; more technical, for communication among the various groups developing pieces of the Dryad ecosystem;; see:
  • Dryad Partners list -- for communication with and among Dryad journal partners involved in integration
  • tutorial video on SciVee and YouTube - it has a DOI on SciVee: DOI: 10.4016/26563.01

See also these resources for more info:

PR Steps to Take

  1. NSF may run an article when we have some "results" to show, especially if we provide them with a ready-made podcast

PR History

  1. 2010 Editorials announcing data archiving policies appear in partner journals
  2. 2009-12 Announcements in other journals.
  3. 2009-11 Start a Dryad blog.
  4. 2009-5-5 UNC press release also picked up here and here
  5. Put a news item on the Nescent home page. See
  6. Created website.
  7. Registered with ROAR and OpenDOAR
  8. Many Publications.
  9. Community survey.