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=== Promotional items ===
=== Promotional items ===
*[[Media:Dryad_Prop|2015 Prospectus]]
*[[Media:Dryad_Propsectus.pdf|2015 Prospectus]]
*[[Media:2015Dryadbrochure.pdf|2015 brochure]]
*[[Media:2015Dryadbrochure.pdf|2015 brochure]]
*[[Media:DRYAD brochureDEC010.pdf|2012 brochure]]
*[[Media:DRYAD brochureDEC010.pdf|2012 brochure]]

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This page collects and makes available materials for publicizing Dryad. Also see slides and presentations on the wiki Publications page, the Sample Dryad Content page, and the links on the Dryad Demonstrations page.

Logos, button and widgets

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  • a variety of logos are available in different formats and sizes, see Logos

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We recommend that links use the URL http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.NNN, where NNN is specific to the data package.
For best alignment with surrounding text, add this CSS to the button's IMG tag: style="vertical-align: middle;"
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Promotional items