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== February 2016 ==
* Simplified internal code for accessing the metadata database. (2016–2–11)
* Expanded the list of IP addresses that are treated as “spiders” and excluded from usage statistics. (2016–2–10)
* Improvements to the robustness of the system for storing journal configurations. (2016–2–10)
* Internal reorganization of the submission system. (2016–2–10)
== January 2016 ==
== January 2016 ==

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Updates to Dryad are released frequently. Check this page to learn what has changed lately. For a broad overview of Dryad's history, see Repository History.

Current development plans

Details about current Dryad development are available in Trello. Trello is an interactive tool for managing "cards" associated with Dryads high-level deliverables. For more information on Dryad's use of Trello, see Using Trello. Or simply start looking through the Dryad Trello boards.

Additionally, there is a page of Proposed Student Projects. These are smaller features that may be completed by student interns.

February 2016

  • Simplified internal code for accessing the metadata database. (2016–2–11)
  • Expanded the list of IP addresses that are treated as “spiders” and excluded from usage statistics. (2016–2–10)
  • Improvements to the robustness of the system for storing journal configurations. (2016–2–10)
  • Internal reorganization of the submission system. (2016–2–10)

January 2016

  • Allow journals to submit metadata via the REST API without specifying the manscrupt number in the URL, assuming it is present in the metadata. (2016-1-29)
  • Reverse order of processing items when content is reindexed. (2016-1-29)
  • Add cover images for several OUP journals. (2016-1-27)
  • Update answers to some questions on the FAQ page. (2016-1-27)
  • Fix problem that was preventing certain journals from being used with the Button Widget. (2016-1-27)
  • Fix problem that was preventing the Corresponding Author field from being recorded properly. (2016-1-19)
  • Improve layout of controls on the initial submission page. (2016-1-15)
  • Add Ingrid Dillo to listing of Dryad board members. (2016-1-15)
  • Improve processing of journal metadata notices when the article abstract contains blank lines. (2016-1-15)
  • Add cover images for newly implemented journal Biotropica. (2016-1-14)
  • Update list of curators. (2016-1-14)
  • Improve text on he website describing fees for large files. (2016-1-7)
  • Allow keywords contained in journal metadata notices to be added to keywords supplied by submitters in all cases. (2016-1-6)
  • Correct logic for displaying the Manuscript Number field on the initial page of the submission system. (2016-1-6)
  • Update all pages on the website to reflect the new pricing structure. (2016-1-5)
  • Update terms of service to be fully displayed on the website, instead of restricted to a downloaded file. (2016-1-5)

December 2015

  • Corrected issue with banner widget that was preventing data packages from displaying the first time a page was viewed. (2015-12-16)
  • Reduced unnecessary emails sent to curators. (2015-12-16)
  • Announcement of 2016 price changes. (2015-12-16)
  • Corrected issue that was preventing use of resumption tokens in the OAI-PMH interface. (2015-12-15)
  • Prevented server from modifying .gz files when they are downloaded. (2015-12-10)
  • Corrected issue that was preventing tooltips from displaying on some pages. (2015-12-9)
  • Improve display of data file pages when files have very long titles. (2015-12-9)
  • Add data package DOI to emails about acceptance or rejection. (2015-12-9)
  • Improve process that matches accept/reject notices to existing data packages. (2015-12-9)
  • Internal cleanup for updating manuscript metadata when new emails are processed for existing manuscript records. (2015-12-4)
  • Send email to curators when rejections are processed so they can verify the processing. (2015-12-3)
  • Automatically process accept and reject notices from journals. (2015-12-2)
  • Added cover images for journals from The Company of Biologists. (2015-12-2)

November 2015

  • Improve robustness of processing for journal metadata email. (2015-11-18)
  • Allow subject keywords to be separated by semicolons. (2015-11-18)
  • Corrected issue with processing emails when the journal code contains numbers. (2015-11-18)
  • Improve display of long file names on data package pages. (2015-11-18)
  • Corrected handling of emails from journals that do not explicitly state an article status. (2015-11-16)
  • Improved handling of review URLs when the data package DOI is formed incorrectly. (2015-11-16)
  • Reorganized internal handling of information about journals to enable easier management. (2015-11-11)
  • Enabled integration with AssociationAnywhere. (2015-11-11)
  • Updated ourTeam page to include current staff members. (2015-11-04)

October 2015

  • Updated organization page to include current grant funding information. (2015-10-28)
  • Updated payment and faq pages to promote prepaid voucher purchase option. (2015-10-21)
  • In email confirmation messages to users, include the actual package DOI instead of a dummy placeholder DOI. (2015-10-21)
  • Allow the HAMR system to propagate data package changes to the data files. (2015-10-21)
  • Corrected issue that duplicated some metadata fields during curation activities. (2015-10-21)
  • Corrected problem with search system not supporting searches for ORCID identifiers that end with 'X'. (2015-10-21)
  • Removed Eefke Smit from the Board of Directors listing. (2015-10-20)
  • Added cover images and descriptions for newly integrated journals. (2015-10-14)

September 2015

  • Improved internal handling of metadata emails from journals. (2015-9-30)
  • Added information to the FAQ page about proper file naming. (2015-9-28)
  • Internal consolidation of code for handling journal interactions. (2015-9-22)
  • Updated pictures for board members. (2015-9-21)
  • Improved internal handling of database connections when clients access the DataONE API. (2015-9-17)
  • Added cover images and details for recently integrated journals. (2015-9-10)

August 2015

  • Improved formatting of DryadLab pages. (2015-8-21)
  • When an ORCID identifier is present in an item, clicking on the authors name searches for that identifier. (2015-8-19)
  • Internal cleanup on the HAMR tool for importing ORCID identifiers. (2015-8-19)
  • Added new theme for DryadLab content. (2015-8-19)
  • Corrected issue with the initial submission page that was preventing some users from associating deposits with the correct journal. (2015-8-13)
  • Converted internal storage of journal metadata from configuration files to database storage. (2015-8-12)
  • Improved usability of the ORCID lookup in the submission system. (2015-8-12)
  • Added Netherlands Institute of Ecology to the list of institutional sponsors. (2015-8-12)
  • Corrected problem that was allowing users to submit items to the review workflow before the associated journal was fully integrated. (2015-8-12)
  • Removed automated tests that were causing problems on our test system. (2015-8-5)
  • Improved wording in emails about data submitted to the review workflow. (2015-8-5)

July 2015

  • Added feed from the Dryad twitter account to the homepage. (2015-7-29)
  • Updated information about board members. (2015-7-29)
  • Added cover images for newly integrated journals. (2015-7-29)
  • Improved language that appears when curators return submissions to submitters. (2015-7-29)
  • Added query parameters to the REST submission API, allowing curators to better search content that is submitted via this API. (2015-7-23)
  • Added information to the FAQ page about human subjects data and how credit cards are processed. (2015-7-23)
  • Send email to curators when DOI registration errors occur. (2015-7-23)
  • Improve rendering of suggested citations on the data package and data file pages. (2015-7-23)
  • Allow data packages to be searched using ORCID IDs. (2015-7-23)
  • Added internal tests for journal metadata stored in the database. (2015-7-23)
  • Corrected a bug that was causing false alarms in the automated testing system. (2015-7-15)
  • Added back-end support for tracking journal payments in AssociationAnywhere. (2015-7-14)

June 2015

  • Added videos to the membership meeting page. (2015-6-23)
  • Reorganized internal code for generating citations to improve maintenance. (2015-6-19)
  • Added internal support to display ORCID identifiers on data package pages. (2015-6-17)
  • Expanded internal report of data file statistics. (2015-6-9)
  • Added a report for curators to identify items whose embargoes should have been lifted previously. (2015-6-8)
  • Back end support for login using ORCID's OAUTH system. (2015-6-2)
  • Replace Dspace's default "thumbs up" image with the ORCID logo when displayed next to an ORCID. (2015-6-2)
  • Allow the use of ORCIDs in the searching system. (2015-6-1)

May 2015

  • Final edits to the membership meeting page once the meeting was over. (2015-5-29)
  • Rerouted automated emails to an email archive, instead of sending to the Dryad administrators. (2015-5-25)
  • Updated some cover images for partner journals. (2015-5-25)
  • Added a close button to the ORCID-based author lookup in the submission system. (2015-5-24)
  • Final updates to information on the membership meeting page. (2015-5-24)

April 2015

  • Updated information about the membership meeting. (2015-4-30)
  • Internal improvements to allow portions of the codebase to be build incrementally. (2015-4-30)
  • Further improvements to HAMR in preparation for automatic import of ORCIDs into Dryad metadata. (2015-4-30)
  • Ensure that users do not get charged for submitting a new version of an existing data package. (2015-4-30)
  • Improved internal HAMR tool that matches Dryad authors to ORCID identifiers. (2015-4-9)
  • Added a report to assist in monitoring submissions from PLOS journals. (2015-4-9)
  • Improved internal testing for static pages. (2015-4-8)

March 2015

  • Internal support for the Journal Landing Pages. (2015-3-25)
  • Corrected problem with users permissions for editing content that was rejected by curators. (2015-3-25)
  • Corrected problems with import of journal metadata arising from recent changes to storage of journal configurations. (2015-3-24)
  • Clarifications to the "Be part of Dryad" section of the homepage. (2015-3-23)
  • Corrected calculation of rates for membership in the Dryad organization. (2015-3-21)
  • Improved internal process for managing the permissions of curators. (2015-3-19)
  • Improved internal process for building the Dryad codebase. (2015-3-11)
  • Updated internal storage for journal configurations. They are now stored directly in Dryad's database, rather than separate configuration files. (2015-3-10)
  • Created new page for the 2015 membership meeting. (2015-3-10)
  • Miscellaneous usability updates to the submission system. (2015-3-9)
  • Updated available levels for membership in the Dryad organization. (2015-3-9)
  • Added new editoral to the JDAP page. (2015-3-4)

February 2015

  • Created report allowing curators to view the status of all items in the peer-review system. (2015-2-13)
  • Improved internal handling of identifiers when items are versioned, correcting several bugs. (2015-2-12)
  • Corrected issue with tooltips on the feedback page and membership application. (2015-2-12)
  • Improved messages that submitters receive to confirm their DOIs and encourage data citation. (2015-2-12)
  • Updated configurations for many integrated journals. (2015-2-12)
  • Improved headers of the table on the integrated journals page. (2015-2-12)
  • Improved internal process for building the Dryad software. (2015-2-6)
  • Added cover images for newly integrated journals. (2015-2-5)
  • Removed some confusing wording from the confirmation screen for new user accounts. (2015-2-5)
  • Modified internal handling for automated email messages so they can be better tracked. (2015-2-4)

January 2015

  • Corrected problem with recent updates that had prevented curators from using some functionality. (2015-1-31)
  • Updated the FAQ to accurately reflect submission process for non-integrated journals. (2015-1-30)
  • Modified integration settings for several journals. (2015-1-30)
  • Added support for the "Publication DOI" field in metadata messages from journals. (2015-1-26)
  • Increased robustness of the back-end handling of metadata emails from journals. (2015-1-26)
  • In the submission system, improved tools for editing lists of authors and keywords. (2015-1-26)
  • Created a new group of curators called "Senior Curators" who have more privileges than normal curators. (2015-1-6)

December 2014

  • Several minor updates to the submission system that address usability concerns. (2014-12-31)
  • Added functionality to the submission system API allowing journals to control when data packages are released to the public. (2014-12-23)
  • Updated internal handling of new mailing list subscriptions to work for new mailing list host. (2014-12-23)
  • Simplified text throughout the submission system. (2014-12-23)
  • Added new curation staff to personnel listing. (2014-12-22)
  • Updated journal configurations based on recent conversations with journals. (2014-12-22)
  • Restored functionality of importing article descriptions from CrossRef after the CrossRef API changed. (2014-12-16)
  • Updated graphic instructing authors when to submit to Dryad. (2014-12-8)
  • Updated internal configurations for some integrated journals. (2014-12-8)
  • Improved internal logging for accesses to the REST API. (2014-12-4)
  • Internal correction to automated test suite. (2014-12-4)
  • Updated journal covers on Dryad homepage. (2014-12-1)

November 2014

  • Prevented memory leaks when the REST Submission API is used heavily. (2014-11-26)
  • Updated journal listings on the Integrated Journals page. (2014-11-26)
  • Removed default DSpace "thumbs down" images that were appearing for some authors who had entered ORCIDs. (2014-11-20)
  • Improved handling of timestamps in queries made via the DataONE API. (2014-11-20)
  • Added ability for curators to post nots on data package pages. (2014-11-19)
  • Improved information on FAQ page about when to submit data to Dryad. (2014-11-19)
  • Added the current organizational vision and mission statements to the Organizational Overview page. (2014-11-19)
  • Added informational message when a submitter's DOI or manuscript number is not found. (2014-11-17)
  • Updated website to reflect change in status of CLOCKSS backups. (2014-11-16)
  • Added integration for several journals. (2014-11-16)
  • Fixed issue with sizes of files sent to EuropePMC LabsLink. (2014-11-15)
  • Improved tools for updating internal list of journals. (2014-11-13)
  • Corrected issue with a memory leak. (2014-11-11)
  • Added journal names to emails notifying users that a deposit is in review. (2014-11-04)
  • Modified the URLs used to access deposits that are under review. These URLs are now based on the DOI that will eventually be assigned to the deposit. (2014-11-04)
  • Improved readability of the Integrated Journals Table. (2014-11-04)
  • Restricted access to items that went through the review process but are currently awaiting publication. (2014-11-04)
  • Added REST API that allows journals more control over submission of manuscript metadata. (2014-11-04)
  • Added integration for several journals. (2014-11-04)

October 2014

  • Corrected internal problem with attaching email addresss to items in review status. (2014-10-30)
  • Improve registration of DOIs when items are versioned. (2014-10-29)
  • Internal updates to support login using ORCID identifiers. (2014-10-29)
  • Updated bio for Kevin Smith on the Who We Are page. (2014-10-28)
  • Updated cover images for PLOS journals. (2014-10-28)
  • Updated internal settings for several journals. (2014-10-28)
  • Corrected problem with text overflows on the homepage. (2014-10-28)
  • Removed job listing for Assistant Curator. (2014-10-28)
  • Updated information about Principal Investigators on the Who We Are page. (2014-10-28)
  • Corrected problem with creating versions of items that have multiple data files. (2014-10-28)
  • Added internal support for login using credentials from the ORCID system. (2014-10-28)
  • Updated the Who We Are page to reflect Kevin Smith taking over for Allen Rodrigo as the Duke representative. (2014-10-19)
  • Improved handling of timestamps within the DataONE API. (2014-10-19)
  • Improved internal process for building and testing new features. (2014-10-6)
  • Corrected internal issue with generating DOIs for testing purposes. (2014-10-3)

September 2014

  • Added integration features for several new journals. (2014-9-29)
  • Corrected problem with the Finalize button in the submission system. (2014-9-25)
  • Posted job opening for Assitant Curator. (2014-9-23)
  • Allow journals to include a "Publication DOI" in their metadata emails. (2014-9-18)
  • Added internal updates to improve usability of Dryad's test systems. (2014-9-16)
  • Allowed ORCIDs to be added to author entries for new data submissions. (2014-9-16)
  • Added confirmation dialogs to buttons that perform destructive actions. (2014-9-9)
  • Removed job listing for Executive Director. (2014-9-5)
  • Improved automated testing system. (2014-9-2)
  • Improved clarity of text on the FAQ page. (2014-9-1)

August 2014

  • Added filtering for web spiders based on user-agent strings. (2014-8-29)
  • Added internal framework for generating annual statistics. (2014-8-28)
  • Improved metadata stored with DataCite DOIs to include file sizes. (2014-8-25)
  • Enabled automated builds from TravisCI to send notifications to Slack. (2015–8–25)
  • Corrected bug that occurred when a user tried to create an account for an email address that already existed. (2014–8–25)
  • Subject keywords are now hyperlinks. Clicking on a keyword will create a search for all data packages that are annotated with the keyword. (2014–8–25)
  • Corrected the display of totals in the shopping cart for non-integrated submissions. (2014-8-4)
  • Lowered configuration setting for idle database connections. (2014-8-4)
  • Updated job listing for Executive Director. (2014-8-4)
  • Suppress logging of IP addresses for people who use the review system. (2014-8-4)
  • Corrected calculation of surcharge for large file submissions. (2014-8-4)

July 2014

  • Updated staff listing to reflect departure of Laura Wendell. (2014-7-18)
  • Added links to videos for the May Membership Meeting. (2014-7-18)
  • Enabled automated testing via the TravisCI platform. (2014-7-18)
  • Improved record of payer's name in PayPal transactions. (2014-7-17)
  • Changed DOIs to always display using the full "http" form. (2014-7-17)
  • Re-enabled the feature that allows curators to propagate metadata from data packages to data files. (2014-7-17)
  • Fixed bug that prevented reviewers from accessing content after curators manually placed an item in review status. (2014-7-14)
  • Improved help text in shopping cart. (2014-7-14)

June 2014

  • Removed job listing for Scitific Application Developer. (2014-6-30)
  • Added full job description for the Executive Director position. (2014-6-25)
  • Improved handling of DOIs when new versions of data packages are submitted. (2014-6-24)
  • Improved display of the integratedJournals page. (2014-6-20)
  • Updated description of Dryad Member meeting, now that the meeting has occurred. (2014-6-18)
  • Updated listing of personnel on the whoWeAre page. (2014-6-16)
  • Improved text in the emails that submitters receive when an item is made public. (2014-6-11)
  • Improved links from Dryad to content in external repositories. (2014-6-11)
  • Removed the cite/share links from pages associated with in-process items. (2014-6-9)
  • Simplified display of metadata fields in curator interface. (2014-6-6)

May 2014

  • Updated links to DMPTool. (2014-5-29)
  • Added job listing for Executive Director. (2014-5-28)
  • Added annual reports to the "About the Organization" page. (2014-5-27)
  • Updated lists of IP addresses for common web spiders, so they can be excluded from statistics. (2014-5-21)
  • Corrected problem that was preventing DataONE from harvesting Dryad logs. (2014-5-15)
  • Refined agenda for Dryad/Dataverse community meeting. (2014-5-15)
  • Updated listings of current board members. (2014-5-5)
  • Increased number of items shown on curator screens. (2014-4-29)

April 2014

  • Updated staff list on the Who We Are page to reflect recent staff changes. (2014-4-28)
  • Corrected a problem that was preventing American Express cards from validating. (2014-4-28)
  • Added "spider trap" to identify web spiders and exclude them from data usage statists. (2014-4-28)
  • Internal cleanup to complete earlier work on the DOI management system. (2014-4-25)
  • Added Allen Rodrigo to the listing of Dryad board members. (2014-4-25)
  • Added cover images for Elsevier journals that use the Banner Widget. (2014-4-21)
  • Corrected bug that was preventing PayPal transactions from completing. (2014-4-16)
  • Fixed instability problems with the submission system. (2014-4-11)
  • Added completion dates to the shopping carts for all items to support better reporting of payment history. (2014-4-11)
  • Improved efficiency of the Banner Widget API. (2014-4-11)
  • Improved handling of versioned items in the shopping cart. All shopping cart history is tracked through the original version of the item. (2014-4-11)
  • Improved internal logging of an item's status as it progresses through the submission system. (2014-4-11)
  • Corrected the display of an item's status on some curator pages. (2014-4-11)
  • Corrected issue with fee waivers for countries whose names contain diacritics. (2014-4-11)
  • Improved help text in the shopping cart. (2014-4-10)
  • Added submitter's name to the transactions stored in PayPal, for better internal tracking. (2014-4-10)
  • Updated integration settings for several journals. (2014-4-9)
  • Updated agenda for annual membership meeting. (2014-4-9)
  • Added cover images for several newly integrated journals. (2014-4-9)
  • Updated servers to protect against the Heartbleed bug. (2014-4-9)
  • Added an additional editorial to the JDAP page. (2014-4-4)

March 2014

  • Allow submissions associated with "in review" publications before a manuscript number has been assigned. (2014-3-31)
  • Expanded the email notification for submissions that go into review, explaining how users can edit their submissions. (2014-3-27)
  • Added an Employment page that lists open developer positions. (2014-3-27)
  • Posted information about Dryad Membership Meeting. (2014-3-20)
  • Allow users to remove a voucher or fee waiver at any point during the submission process. (2014-3-20)
  • Allow the banner widget (http://wiki.datadryad.org/Banner_Image_Widget_API) to use PubMed IDs. (2014-3-16)
  • Improve internal problem handling for DOI registration. (2014-3-10)
  • Corrected issue with invalid email addresses causing the server to hang. (2014-3-7)

February 2014

  • Updated text of notification when an item enters publication blackout. (2014-2-26)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing problems with the local database of DOIs. (2014-2-26)
  • Corrected issue that prevented some users from finalizing their data submission. (2014-2-21)
  • Updated internal connection to the EZID service. (2014-2-21)
  • Fixed issue that was causing some system instability. (2014-2-17)
  • Corrected listing of "Popular" content on the homepage. (2014-2-14)
  • Added the ability for administrators to correct a single item within the search index. (2014-2-11)
  • Added a more user-friendly error page in place of the default DSpace error output. (2014-2-11)
  • Corrected problem that was preventing users from downloading RIS and BibTeX citation. (2014-2-11)
  • Improved the display of nested sections on the Submission Overview page. (2014-2-6)
  • Corrected problem that was causing some credit card transactions to not be processed. (2014-2-3)

January 2014

  • Improved handling for declined credit card transactions. (2014-1-28)
  • Corrected situation where some pages would process an if-modified-since header incorrectly. (2014-1-26)
  • Improved internal processing and notifications for publication blackout. (2014-1-26)
  • Shopping cart does not appear until journal name is known. (2014-1-26)
  • Improved robustness of processing metadata emails from journals. (2014-1-26)
  • Corrected rendering of links to external content in TreeBASE and KNB. (2014-1-23)
  • Allowed fee waivers and vouchers to be removed by the submitter. (2014-1-23)
  • Prevented credit card transactions from being duplicated. (2014-1-21)
  • Improved usability of checkout process by moving shopping cart information into primary screen area. (2014-1-21)
  • Allowed journal titles to include diacritics. (2014-1-13)
  • Improved system for creating monthly reports of shopping cart activity. (2014-1-9)
  • Improved sorting for administrator view of vouchers and shopping carts. (2014-1-9)
  • Improved internal Testing system. (2014-1-9)
  • Vouchers now include the name of the purchasing customer. (2014-1-9)
  • Improved display of error pages. (2014-1-9)

December 2013

  • Corrected issues with processing the if-modified-since HTTP header. (2013-12-19)
  • Corrected problem where an error in DOI registration for a single file would disrupt DOI registration for all other files in the data package. (2013-12-19)
  • Improved internal consistency of data delivered through the DataONE API. (2013-12-19)
  • Allowed curators to determine when a submission is still in the user's workspace. (2013-12-19)
  • Corrected problem with ordering of journals on the homepage browsing list. (2013-12-19)
  • Corrected issue with items receiving duplicated metadata fields with the DOI. (2013-12-19)
  • In submission system, allowed vouchers/waivers to be removed so the method of payment can be changed. (2013-12-18)
  • In submission system, allowed journal abbreviations to be case-insensitive. (2013-12-19)
  • Updated display of "Recently Integrated" journal covers. (2013-12-17)
  • Improved wording of submission confirmation emails. (2013-12-17)
  • Corrected problem with DOI registration when an item's metadata is incomplete. (2013-12-12)
  • A journal name is now required on the initial submission page. (2013-12-11)
  • Corrected issue that had been causing instability of the submission system. (2013-12-2)
  • Improved internal testing. (2013-12-2)
  • Corrected time zones in sitemaps. (2013-12-2)
  • Corrected last_modified date when embargoes are lifted. (2013-12-2)

November 2013

  • Improved internal logging. (2013-11-25)
  • Corrected prefix of PMID identifiers in isReferencedBy field. (2013-11-25)
  • Corrected problem with "Other Repository Name" field not appearing in submission system. (2013-11-25)
  • Added Accessibility Statement to the Repository Features page. (2013-11-25)
  • Internal improvements to information in shopping cart. (2013-11-25)
  • Improved readability of voucher codes. (2013-11-25)
  • Improved text on Pricing Plans page. (2013-11-25)
  • Added new page to describe Institutional Sponsors. (2013-11-25)
  • Standardized order of sections in the curator task list. (2013-11-8)
  • Removed case-sensitivity from the processor for metadata emails from journals. (2013-11-8)
  • Corrected discrepancy in reported file sizes between data package pages and data file pages. (2013-11-8)
  • Cleaned up and improved internal logging. (2013-11-8)
  • Cleaned up internal behavior when receiving HTTP if-modified-since requests. (2013-11-8)
  • Corrected issue with time zone formatting in DataONE API. (2013-11-8)

October 2013

  • Improved internal monitoring system (2013-10-16)
  • Removed outdated link to YouTube in exported metadata documents (2013-10-16)
  • Corrected issue with processing submissions when the method of payment is invalid. (2013-10-14)
  • Corrected issues with displaying currency symbols within the submission system. (2013-10-14)
  • Corrected issue that was causing some data files to not display properly. (2013-10-14)
  • Added text to submission system encouraging authors to use the journal-supplied submission URL. (2013-10-14)
  • Corrected issues with file identifiers in DataONE API. (2013-10-9)
  • Added journal configurations for American Society of Plant Biologists. (2013-10-3)
  • Corrected issue that was causing some data file objects to display incorrectly. (2013-10-3)
  • Reworked internal management of the Publication Blackout feature. Dryad curators now have more control over how this feature is applied. (2013-10-3)

September 2013

  • Improved internal logging. (2013-9-26)
  • Allowed homepage banner images to be displayed on a pre-determined schedule. (2013-9-25)
  • Modified internal structure of the Dryad homepage to better support accessibility. (2013-9-24)
  • Added internal reporting tool for statistics about data file objects. (2013-9-22)
  • Correct problem with asterisks being added to journal names. (2013-9-20)
  • Corrected minor issues with the DataONE API. (2013-9-20)
  • Improved internal tools to synchronize DOIs between portions of Dryad. (2013-9-20)
  • Corrected issue where some users were incorrectly seeing the message "Your card has been charged". (2013-9-13)
  • Added integration for three new journals. (2013-9-13)
  • Corrected issues with outgoing email for items in review status. (2013-9-11)
  • Corrected problem that was forcing users to enter journal names more than once. (2013-9-11)
  • Corrected problem with some submissions not receiving credit for their journal's subscription.
  • Improved text throughout the payment system. (2013-9-10)
  • Corrected problem with internal state of objects that have been rejected by curators. (2013-9-9)
  • Updated name of lead curator. (2013-9-9)
  • Disabled editing of journal name after a submission has been initiated. (2013-9-5)
  • Rolled out the system to support Data Publishing Charges. (2013-9-3)

August 2013

  • Expanded the table of journals to include informtion about subscription plans. (2013-8-29)
  • Updated text on all pages that refer to pricing plans (2013-8-27)
  • Added Terms of Service documents. (2013-8-22)
  • Changed language about "fees" to "Data Publishing Charge" (2013-8-17)
  • Added cover images for newly integrated journals. (2013-8-11)
  • Corrected issue with DataONE API that was causing some identifiers to appear with missing slashes. (2013-8-11)
  • Improved wording of the payment plan page to be more inclusive of multiple types of organizations. (2013-8-11)
  • Improved ordering of journal names in the autocomplete lists. (2013-8-11)
  • Corrected issue that was preventing article titles from being imported for certain journals. (2013-8-11)
  • Updates to improve site compliance to section 508 accessibility guidelines. (2013-8-11)
  • Corrected issue that was causing invalid journal names to display in the autocomplete box on the initial page of the submission system. (2013-8-2)

July 2013

  • Corrected issue in administrative interface that caused the embargo controls to be invisible in some situations (2013-7-31)
  • Updated biography for board member Simon Hodson (2013-7-30)
  • Reworked internal configuration files to allow easier management of the journal integration process. (2013-7-23)
  • Removed duplicate metadata from items in "publication blackout" status. (2013-7-23)
  • Corrected problem that prevented the User Forum from displaying. (2013-7-23)
  • Allowed searches by DOI to use either "DOI" or "doi". (2013-7-23)
  • Updated pages for annual membership meeting, in preparation for the announcement of the 2014 meeting. (2013-7-23)
  • Added support for searching by PMID. (2013-7-23)
  • Added a tool that allows journals and publishers to compare Dryad's pricing plans. (2013-7-17)
  • Added button for curators to return submissions into the curation queue. (2013-7-17)
  • Improved display of status messages when a new version of an item is in process. (2013-7-17)
  • Updated namespaces of XML delivered via the DataONE API, making this metadata more compatible with metadata from other institutions. (2013-7-4)
  • Added links to screencasts of presentations given at the annual membership meeting. (2013-7-3)
  • Added backend support for converting internal links from Handles into DOIs. (2013-7-3)

June 2013

  • Improved XML schema for Dryad's metadata profile so DataONE documents validate correctly. (2013-6-30)
  • Added proper spacing to article citations. (2013-6-30)
  • Corrected issue with metadata that sometimes contained duplicate identifiers. (2013-6-30)
  • Updated list of Dryad board members. (2013-6-30)
  • Re-enabled automatic registration of DOIs, including full DOI metadata. (2013-6-26)
  • Updated configurations for integrated journals. (2013-6-26)
  • Added links to presentations given at the annual membership meeting. (2013-6-21)
  • Improved accessibility of tables on the homepage. (2013-6-21)
  • Corrected display of homepage statistic for files deposited during the past 30 days. (2013-6-21)
  • Added distinctive logos for non-production servers. (2013-6-21)
  • Improved behavior of "Return to Top" links. (2013-6-21)
  • Installed support for external monitoring by Atmire. (2013-6-21)
  • Corrected text on login page for users viewing the site in languages other than English. (2013-6-21)
  • Updated listing of member journals. (2013-6-21)
  • Cleaned up internal logging. (2013-6-21)
  • Updated website to reflect the fact that the membership meeting is over. (2013-6-3)

May 2013

  • Corrected issue with checksum calculation in DataONE interface (2013-5-23)
  • Improved process for reporting global statistics (2013-5-23
  • Corrected issue that would sometimes prevent the data package page from displaying (2013-5-14)
  • Search results show total number of items retrieved (2013-5-14)
  • Restored access to "Show Full Metadata", which had been disabled temporarily (2013-5-14)
  • Embedded browsing system within the home page (2013-5-14)
  • Initial release of the Banner Image Widget API (2013-5-5)
  • Remove requirement that the feedback form must be referred from another DSpace page (2013-5-1)

April 2013

  • Updates to text of static pages. (2013-4-30)
  • Improved reporting for statistics associated with data packages. (2013-4-30)
  • Changed data package pages to better follow the W3C specifications. (2013-4-24)
  • Cleaned appearance of Login and Sign Up buttons during deployment of server updates. (2013-4-24)
  • On the Repository Technology page, added logos of collaborating organizations. (2013-4-18)
  • Improved clarity of all automated emails sent by Dryad. (2013-4-18)
  • Made embargo notices more visible. (2013-4-16)
  • Major site redesign. The redesign includes new visual styling, many new pages explaining Dryad's services, and efficient access to the most-sought information. (2013-4-15)

March 2013

  • Corrected problem that would not show all of a user's in-progress submissions. (2013-3-20)
  • Added support for harvesting by CLOCKSS. This feature is integrated with the sitemaps. The new sitemaps should also improve the accuracy of harvests by Google. (2013-3-18)
  • Added page that allows users to register for Dryad email announcements. (2013-3-1)
  • Added configuration for several newly integrated journals. (2013-3-1)
  • Added cover images for several integrated journals. (2013-3-1)

February 2013

  • Internal updates to support new site styling. (2013-2-26)
  • Fixed misc bugs associated with DataONE API. (2013-2-26)
  • Released version 3.1 of the XML schema for Dryad metadata. (2013-2-26)
  • Fixed bug that was causing the DataONE logging system to not respond on the production server. (2013-2-19)
  • Updates to DataONE API. Updated the metadata objects to use the Dryad Application Profile, version 3.1. (2013-2-16)
  • Corrected bug that was displaying "Remove selected submissions" button even when no submissions were available. (2013-2-16)
  • Fix to versioning system. Item pages are not changed until the a newer version of the item is approved by curators. (2013-2-12)
  • Added display of Related Data Packages. Initially, this section will only be used for Molecular Ecology Resources. It will display when we have multiple data packages for a single Genomic Resources Notes article. (2013-2-12)
  • Blocked all NESCent machines from being counted in Dryad statistics. (2013-2-6)
  • Added a report that describes data packages and their associated journals. (2013-2-6)
  • Improved wording on publication blackout page. (2013-2-6)

January 2013

  • Improved wording on "publication blackout" page (2013-1-31)
  • When an item is versioned, the author must supply a reason for creating a new version. (2013-1-29)
  • Updated interface for DataONE. It now complies with all requirements for a DataONE Tier 1 node. (2013-1-29)
  • Corrected a bug that caused some links to display incorrectly in search results. (2013-1-29)
  • Corrected issue in curator's search interface. (2013-1-29)
  • Corrected bug with OAI-PMH that was allowing metadata to be viewed before items were fully archived. (2013-1-15)
  • Improved display of DOIs and PMIDs in article citations. (2013-1-8)
  • Disabled statement pooling to avoid PSQLException: This statement has been closed. (2013-1-8)

December 2012

  • Curators can delete versioned submissions when the new version was unnecessary. (2012-12-22)
  • Support for special handling of "Genomic Resources Notes" articles in Molecular Ecology Resources. (2012-12-22)
  • Fix for bug in NCBI LinkOut behavior. The bug was preventing pages from loading correctly when a LinkOut link was visited multiple times. (2012-12-18)
  • Temporarily disabled versioning for end-users, pending completion of a feature for curators to roll back versioned items. (2012-12-18)
  • Fix for bug that prevented embargoes from being lifted when items were released from publication blackout. (2012-12-18)
  • Users can easily delete unfinished submissions that are in their workspace. (2012-12-18)
  • Versioning system reverts identifier mappings when a user deletes an unfinished submission. (2012-12-18)
  • Improved the system for processing metadata emails from integrated journals (see associated Trello card). (2012-12-13)
  • Enabled integration for Journal of Animal Ecology. (2012-12-13)
  • Enabled integration for GMS German Medical Science (2012-12-12)
  • Corrected issues with internal logging. (2012-12-12)
  • Fixed the number appearing on the homepage for journals associated with Dryad content. It had been off by two due to some test journals in the list. (2012-12-11)

November 2012

  • Fixed issue with versioning. The issue was spreading individual file edits across multiple files, and was causing some embargo settings to be lost during versioning.
  • Updated internal libraries. We hope this reduces occurrences of the Postgres connection error. (2012-11-30)
  • Updated footer to display actual build date. The footer also contains an HTML comment indicating exactly which version of code is deployed. (2012-11-20)
  • When a search would return a single result, the system automatically forwards to the page for that result. This is a critical component of the NCBI LinkOut feature. (2012-11-20)
  • Updated LICENSE files to reflect DuraSpace and NESCent contributions. (2012-11-15)
  • Updated description of the repository on the home page, members page, and about page. These updates reflect decisions of the Dryad Management Board's July 2012 meeting. (2012-11-05)
  • Updated rules for RSS feeds and "Recently Published Data" list on the homepage. These lists now contain exactly the same information. Items do not appear in these lists until at least one data file is publicly readable. Items with all data files under embargo are suppressed from the lists. (2012-11-05)
  • Corrected issue with the autocompletion of journal names on the initial submission page. The autocompletion now accurately reflects the set of journals with data appearing in Dryad, plus journals that are integrated with Dryad. (2012-11-05)

October 2012

  • Initial configuration for the journal Elementa. (2012-10-31)
  • Improved wording of the link users see to create a new version. (2012-10-31)
  • Updated the API for communicating with DataONE. (2012-10-31)
  • On item pages, removed trailing commas from keyword lists. (2012-10-23)
  • When items are versioned, the dates attached to the versions are correct. (2012-10-23)
  • When items are versioned, only the most recent version is available in search results. (2012-10-23)
  • Restored ability for curators to delete items. (2012-10-23)
  • On "depositing data" page, corrected spelling of Creative Commons. (2012-10-23)
  • Suppressed extra error messages that were going into log files. (2012-10-23)
  • Improved display of licensing information for items stored in external repositories. (2012-10-23)

Release Transition

At this point, the Dryad code was moved to GitHub. By using GitHub, we were able to break releases into smaller pieces, which allowed us to roll out minor updates more frequently.

Release 1.11

Release date: March 26, 2012

Data deposition:

  • Authors are able to pull up the bibliographic information of previously published articles at the time of data submission using an article DOI or PubMed ID.

Search and retrieval:

  • Dryad content searchable and replicated through the DataONE network.

Data curation:

  • tools required to support curation level 1 (including validation of publication of metadata, DOI lookup).
  • Items in the curation system can be more easily searched and managed.
  • System for managing "publication blackout", where no metadata about a submission is released until an article is published (only enabled for journals that request it).


Release 1.10

Release date: September 2, 2011

Data deposition:

  • The submission system is now integrated with 12 journals.

Search and retrieval:

  • Integrated display that allows direct download of data from the Dryad page for a data package.

Data curation:

Release 1.9

Release date: March 30, 2011

Release 1.9 focuses on improvements to support Dryad's interaction with partner journals.

Data deposition:

  • Data submission can occur prior to article review (where journals so choose)
    • Peer reviewers can have anonymous access to Dryad content.
    • Authors receive a provisional DOI immediately upon data submission.
  • Enhancements to the system for receiving metadata from journals. This supports a broader range of manuscript processing systems, and therefore a broader range of Partner Journals.

Data use:

  • The page for each Dryad data package now displays the name of each file, rather than the file identifier, for easier identification of appropriate data files.

Internal system changes:

Release 1.8

Release date: January 14, 2011

Release 1.8 is focused on making the Dryad system more scalable and robust. The primary features are:

  • Correction of outstanding issues identified by our user community and our internal testing.
  • Improving internal monitoring and testing in preparation for increasing usage.
  • The login page has been redesigned, again for ease of use.
  • The browsing system is improved. It is now possible to skip to entries that begin with a certain letter or prefix string.
  • The search system now allows addition of more specific filters. After an initial search is performed, you can either choose a filter value from the left-hand menu, or type it into the Add Filter box. When adding a filter, term completion is available.


Release 1.7 - 3rd quarter

Data deposition:

  1. Authors can initiate data submissions to TreeBASE through Dryad.
  2. Journals have the option of disallowing one-year embargoes.
  3. Access and download statistics are displayed.
  4. Partial submissions can be saved. (see Submission System)
  5. Registered users can see an overview of their completed and in progress submissions.

Search and retrieval:

  1. Relevant content in other repositories (initially KNB and TreeBASE) can be discovered through Dryad.
  2. Users can export data citations to bibliographic software.

Release 1.6 - 2nd quarter

Data deposition:

  1. Submission integration with Evolution and the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.
  2. The submission system allows up to 4 hours of inactivity before the session times out, and authors are warned of this limit.
  3. DOIs are assigned to data packages and data files.
  4. A dedicated field is provided for authors to report related data in other repositories.

Search and retrieval:

  1. Dryad can harvest content from external repositories through harvest
    • Content harvested from TreeBASE and the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity LTER Network are harvested an searched by default.
  2. Identifiers/links to related data in other repositories are displayed to users.
  3. Search is focused on data packages, rather than data files.
  4. Search is available from all pages in the repository.


  1. Data is securely replicated between NC State Digital Library and NESCent to protect against data loss and corruption.

Release 1.5 - 1st quarter

Data deposition:

  1. Submission integration with Journal of Heredity.

Search and retrieval:

  1. Improved display of data package pages and data file pages, including better indications of embargo information.
  2. Faceted search with multiple filters (e.g., taxonomy, author, journal), enabling journal-specific views on the repository.

Data quality:

  1. Ability for curators to do batch updates and receive batch reports.

System relaibility:

  1. Set up multiple instances of Dryad for testing, staging and demonstration.


Release 1.4 - 4th quarter

  1. First links from articles to Dryad records.
  2. Submission integration with Molecular Ecology.
  3. Release of Dryad blog.

Release 1.3 - 3rd quarter

  1. Behind the scenes work on DSpace.

Release 1.2 - 2nd quarter

  1. Submission integration with The American Naturalist

Release 1.1 - 1st quarter

  1. Web submission system for authors to self-submit.
  2. Embargoes enabled (through curator).
  3. Publications can be searched by DOI.


Release 1.0 - 4th quarter

  1. Initial submission system begins testing
  2. Improved browsing interface

Release 0.9 - 2nd quarter

  1. Approval system for new submissions

Release 0.7 - 1st quarter

  1. Public web site at http://datadryad.org
  2. Repository moved to production server
  3. Repository is seeded with data from other sites and NESCent scientists