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This page describes the broad outlines of Dryad's history. For more details about technical development, see the Release Notes. For more details about the history of Dryad's funding, see Grants. Many more details can be found in the various Dryad Publications.

Major milestones in the development of Dryad:

  • September 2004 -- NESCent founded. NESCent's original mission included "enhancing efforts in evolutionary biology with regard to informatics, data curation, and cross-disciplinary integration of data" (NSF Synthesis Center RFP)
  • 2005-2006 -- Initial project meetings at Dryad's namesake, Caffe Driade.
  • March 2007 -- NESCent data archiving workshop to establish the initial focus and features of the repository.
  • January 2008 -- Initial live release of the repository.
  • September 2008 -- Initial funding from NSF (for 4 years).
  • January 2009 -- HIVE grant.
  • April 2009 -- Initial journal integration, with The American Naturalist.
  • May 2009 -- First meeting of the Dryad Consortium Management Board.
  • August 2010 -- DryadUK grant.
  • March 2011 -- Initial launch of the peer-review system, with Systematic Biology.
  • March 2012 -- Second round of funding from NSF (for 4 years).
  • November 2012 -- Dryad incorporates.