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This page describes the broad outlines of Dryad's history. For more details about technical development, see the Release Notes. For more details about the history of Dryad's funding, see Grants. Many more details can be found in the various Dryad Publications.

Major milestones in the development of Dryad:

  • September 2004 -- NESCent founded. NESCent's original mission included "enhancing efforts in evolutionary biology with regard to informatics, data curation, and cross-disciplinary integration of data" (NSF Synthesis Center RFP)
  • 2005-2006 -- Initial project meetings at Dryad's namesake, Caffe Driade.
  • May 2007 -- NESCent data archiving workshop to determine the initial features of the repository.
  • January 2008 -- site goes live. A few data packages are manually inserted by Dryad staff.
  • September 2008 -- Initial project funding from NSF (for 4 years); see Grants.
  • January 2009 -- Dryad begins allowing submissions from individual researchers.
  • January 2009 -- HIVE funded by IMLS grant.
  • April 2009 -- Initial journal integration, with The American Naturalist.
  • May 2009 -- First meeting of the Dryad Consortium Management Board, Durham NC, USA.
  • August 2009 -- DataONE project founded.
  • November 2009 -- Molecular Ecology integrated.
  • December 2009 -- Dryad Board meeting, London, UK.
  • February 2010 -- Journal of Heredity integrated.
  • May 2010 -- Evolution integrated.
  • July 2010 -- Journal of Evolutionary Biology integrated.
  • August 2010 -- DryadUK grant.
  • November 2010 -- Molecular Ecology Resources and Biological Journal of the Linnean Society integrated.
  • January 2011 -- Joint Data Archiving Policy (JDAP) put into effect by major journals in evolution and ecology.
  • March 2011 -- Initial launch of the peer-review integration workflow, with Systematic Biology; Evolutionary Applications integrated.
  • May 2011 -- BMJ Open integrated.
  • June 2011 -- Systematic Biology and Heredity integrated.
  • July 2011 -- Dryad Board Meeting, Vancouver BC, Canada; Ecological Monographs integrated.
  • October 2011 -- Paleobiology ,ZooKeys and 7 other Pensoft journals integrated.
  • November 2011 -- Dryad contains 1000 data packages;
  • December 2011 -- DryadLab workshop Dec 2011 to develop initial materials for DryadLab.
  • February 2012 -- Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management integrated.
  • March 2012 -- Journal of Paleontology integrated; Second round of project funding from NSF (for 4 years); see Grants.
  • April 2012 -- PLOS Biology integrated; Election approves Dryad organization Bylaws and Cost Recovery Plan; see Business Plan and Sustainability.
  • May 2012 -- 2012 Board of Directors elected.
  • July 2012 -- First meeting of the elected 2012 Board of Directors in Durham NC, USA; Dryad incorporates.
  • September 2012 -- Dryad contains 2000 data packages.
  • October 2012 -- eLife integrated; Dryad is now integrated with 25 journals.
  • November 2012 -- First BES journal, Functional Ecology integrated; Board of Directors meeting, Dulles VA, USA.
  • January 2013: Integration complete for GMS German Medical Science - An Interdisciplinary Journal.
  • February 2013: over 10,000 authors have data in Dryad; integration complete for Biology Letters.
  • March 2013: integration complete for Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Journal of Open Public Health Data
  • April 2013: website redesign launched; pricing and membership fees announced
  • May 2013: first Annual Membership meeting held in Oxford, UK
  • June 2013: integration complete for Journal of Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, and GMS Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie.
  • July 2013: Elsevier implements linking to content in Dryad; Ecology Letters completes integration.
  • August 2013: Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene completes integration. Many journals, societies, and publishers agree to support the costs of data archiving by their authors and affiliates.
  • September 2013: Dryad begins assessing a Data Publishing Charge for all new submissions to the repository, following the Dryad Business Plan and Sustainability; 16 journals, societies, and publishers are sponsoring the costs of their authors' data archiving in 42 journals (See list).
  • November 2013: Palaeontology completes integration.
  • December 2013: Ecology and Evolution completes integration.
  • January 2014: Two more integrated journals from Pensoft Publishers:Subterranean Biology and Journal of Hymenoptera Research, and six more from German Medical Science: GMS German Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, GMS Infectious Diseases, GMS Interdisciplinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery DGPW, GMS Onkologische Rehabilitation und Sozialmedizin, GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung, and GMS Zeitschrift zur Förderung der Qualitätssicherung in medizinischen Laboratorien.
  • February 2014: Two more integrated journals from Pensoft Publishers: Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift and Zoological Systematics and Evolution.