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Options for scanning documents include:

  • NESCent copier -- Can scan documents up to 600dpi b/w or 400dpi grayscale, includes a sheet feeder. Color is not available. Scans can be stored on the copier, sent via email, or deposited directly into a Samba share on a server.
  • NESCent scanner -- Can scan in color. There is a sheet feeder, but it is broken. Scans are deposited on the attached computer and must be transferred to a server.
  • Kinko's -- Will do scanning, but even with our discount, the prices are steep. It is generally better to process documents in-house.
  • UNC Carolina Digital Library and Archives -- Did not respond to our initial request. They have the necessary equipment and expertise for most jobs..
  • NCSU -- (need to investigate)
  • Duke Digital Production Center -- (need to investigate)