Staff Onboarding Checklist

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A sample checklist for onboarding new staff. Each staff member will have different needs, but these are some of the most common.

Items that need to be updated on this checklist:

  • add links to grant proposals, historical documents
  • add system architecture diagrams, which include everything from the Architecture Overview page.
  • Include the "onboarding tasks" for developers from the July 2014 Developer Retreat notes.

Accounts that the staff member must create:

  • Create an account to receive Dryad-specific email (often -- Note that this step is not required if the staff member will not be regularly contacting Dryad customers or partners (e.g., a student intern)
  • Email to request an email address that forwards to your preferred email.
  • access to wiki - staff self-creates an account, then asks for privileged access
  • Google Dryad Dev list - sign yourself up
  • Accounts in Dryad production and development servers -- create the accounts, and ask for privileges
  • Dryad Announce list -- sign up yourself (from Dryad homepage)
  • IM/call technologies -- connect with relevant staff members via IM and other communication technologies

Accounts/access created by Dryad administrators:

  • Dryad Dropbox folder
  • Dryad private team list
  • Trello -- may use a pre-existing Trello account, or a new account based on the email
  • FogBugz
  • Dryad Users list
  • keys and ID cards needed for physical access to Dryad space
  • update mail aliases as required
  • update Website staff list

The staff member should become familiar with:

If the staff member will be performing development, they should be trained on:

create a data package on the dev server that includes the historical documents listed above

  • The wiki
    • update documentation for a feature
  • Using Git
  • Testing
    • write a test case

See also: Staff Offboarding Checklist