Submission Integration: Current Status

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This page details the current status of Dryad's Partner Journals. For information and instructions on integrating a new journal, see Partner Submission Integration. To see the list of issues that have arisen during the integration process, and their resolution, see Submission Integration Issues.

Journals in progress

Ecological Applications


  • Integration is in process.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

  • Not yet in process

Molecular Biology and Evolution

  • Not yet in process.


  • Integration is in planning.

Systematic Biology

  • Systematic Biology will take advantage of new features in Dryad that allow data to be reviewed alongside manuscripts. Deposits are scheduled to begin in early 2011.


Evolutionary Applications

  • Dryad first received metadata records on 2010-10-11.
  • URL processing went live on 2010-10-11.
  • The journal has decided to indefinitely postpone metadata transfer to Dryad.

Journals completed

Molecular Ecology Resources

  • Dryad first received metadata records on 2010-11-15.
  • URL processing went live on 2010-11-15.
  • Authors received Dryad links starting 2010-11-15.
  • The journal received regular reports of submissions to Dryad starting 2010-11-19.
  • Molecular Ecology Resources Integration Details