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This page details the current status of Dryad's integrated journals. For information and instructions on integrating a new journal, see Submission Integration: Overview.

Submission integration complete

The following journals have completed submission integration with Dryad.

Number Name
Completion Date
Manuscript System
Integration Type
1 The American Naturalist
Editorial Manager (Chicago Press) basic
2 Molecular Ecology
ScholarOne review
3 Journal of Heredity
ScholarOne basic
4 Evolution
ScholarOne basic
5 Journal of Evolutionary Biology
ScholarOne basic
6 Molecular Ecology Resources
ScholarOne review
7 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
ScholarOne basic
8 Evolutionary Applications
ScholarOne basic
9 BMJ Open
ScholarOne review
10 Systematic Biology 2011-6-22 ScholarOne review
11 Heredity 2011-6-22 EJP basic
12 Ecological Monographs 2011-7-29 EcoTrack basic
13 BioRisk 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
14 Comparative Cytogenetics 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
15 International Journal of Myriapodology 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
16 MycoKeys 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
17 Nature Conservation 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
18 NeoBiota 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
19 PhytoKeys 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
20 ZooKeys 2011-10-10 Pensoft review
21 Paleobiology 2011-10-13 N/A basic
22 Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 2012-2-2 AllenTrack basic
23 Journal of Paleontology 2012-3-6 N/A basic
24 PLOS Biology 2012-4-2 Editorial Manager review
25 eLife 2012-10-8 EJP review
26 Functional Ecology 2012-11-16 ScholarOne basic
27 gms German Medical Science 2012-12-18 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
28 Journal of Animal Ecology 2013-01-08 ScholarOne basic
29 Biology Letters 2013-02-22 ScholarOne basic
30 Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2013-03-07 ScholarOne basic
31 Journal of Open Public Health Data 2013-03-23 OJS review
32 PLOS Genetics 2013-04-12 Editorial Manager review
33 Journal of Ecology 2013-06-14 ScholarOne basic
34 Journal of Applied Ecology 2013-06-14 ScholarOne basic
35 GMS Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie 2013-06-28 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
36 Ecology Letters 2013-07-25 ScholarOne basic
37 Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 2013-08-02 Editorial Manager basic
38 Palaeontology 2013-11-11 ScholarOne review
39 Ecology and Evolution 2013-12-4 ScholarOne basic
40 Subterranean Biology 2014-01-14 Pensoft review
41 Journal of Hymenoptera Research 2014-01-14 Pensoft basic
42 GMS German Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
43 GMS Infectious Diseases 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
44 GMS Interdisciplinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery DGPW 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
45 GMS Onkologische Rehabilitation und Sozialmedizin 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
46 GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
47 GMS Zeitschrift zur Förderung der Qualitätssicherung in medizinischen Laboratorien 2014-01-24 Manuscript Operating System (MOPS) review
48 Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 2014-02-11 Pensoft basic
49 Zoological Systematics and Evolution 2014-02-11 Pensoft basic
50 Scientific Data 2014-04-01 EJP(e-Journal Press) review
51 BMC Ecology 2014-04-01 Custom BMC system review
52 BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014-04-01 Custom BMC system review
53 Proceedings of the Royal Society B 2014-04-01 ScholarOne review
54 Ecological Applications 2014-08-26 ScholarOne basic

Integration Checklist

Steps that Dryad must complete for a journal to be integrated:

Discussion phase (from initial contact --> journal decision to integrate)

  1. (liaison) initial documentation
    • send basic info (wiki documentation, Integration Overview slides)
    • alert mgt and tech
    • add journal to Partner spreadsheet
    • (liaison/mgt) determine strategy; what issues are there, who can approve moving ahead etc.
    • arrange conference call with editorial & technical people and Ryan, to walk through integration implementation steps and answer questions
  2. (tech/liaison) get-to-know-you phone conversation
    • answer questions from journal about workflows, optional customizations, etc.
    • get journal timeline for testing and rollout
    • add journal representatives to Partners mailing list
    • (All) document progress on Partner spreadsheet

Implementation phase (from PIQ --> successful completed test)

  1. (liaison) obtain completed Pre-Integration Questionnaire
    • notify tech and mgt; create Trello card
    • add PIQ to folder on Dropbox & send copy back to submitter
    • add journal to the list of journals in process of integration
  2. (tech) configure DEV system for test messages
    • Set up basic configuration based on PIQ
    • Implement any specialized processing needed by the journal
    • Notify liaison/Journal that we’re ready to begin testing
  3. (liaison) PIQ followup
    • add journal's named contacts to the Partners mailing list
    • make sure journal editorial staff have necessary information to support successful rollout to authors:
      • sample email to authors encouraging deposit
      • journal instructions model language & examples
      • DOI placement recommendations
  4. (tech) Complete testing phase
    • documentation & troubleshooting during testing, journal configuration
    • oversee test of metadata messages, feedback to journal, until all problems are resolved
    • Move the initial configuration (and specialized processing) to production
    • Add journal to list of integrated titles
    • (tech/liaison) Notify journal that they must now begin sending notices to Dryad and requests to authors; confirm rollout date

Completion phase (after completed test --> rollout and ongoing maintenance)

  1. (liaison) final checks & steps
    • check w/tech & lead curator to make sure that configuration info is complete
    • add journal to wiki list of completed journals
    • obtain cover image/logo; add to folder on Dropbox
    • ensure cover image is added to Dryad, both on the data package pages and in the "recently integrated" box on the homepage
  2. (liaison) Concluding email with journal contact
    • tell journal we now expect to receive notices from them
    • tell journal about weekly curator reports; confirm recipients and relay to Curator any updates since the PIQ was completed
    • check on policy for data references & updated journal instructions
    • ask journal to inform us of any forthcoming changes to their manuscript system that will affect integration
    • invite journal representative to subscribe to the Announce and/or Users mailing lists
    • suggest journal use address for all urgent questions
    • offer statistics
    • explain Dryad membership, pricing plans, offer more information
    • (liaison) handoff to Dir for follow up about membership and pricing plans
    • If journal decides to become a member, ask Ryan to add journal to list of members on website
  3. (liaison/dir) Followup
    • PR: tweet &/or blog post
    • (liaison/dir) maintain at least annual contact to confirm that notices conform to specifications, discuss journal options, update contact information, solicit feedback, and encourage participation in the Dryad organization


Further resources

Please contact Dryad to let us know your questions about integration with Dryad and how we can work with you.