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For older versions of these mockups, see Submission System Mockups History.


  • For all of these, the Next button at the bottom of the page is supposed to be disabled until a user has entered article information and checked the CC0 box (the text on the button switches from gray to black when making an image from the editable mockup). I also mean for the CC0 waiver text not to break onto the next line so soon. --Elenafeinstein 18:06, 18 May 2011 (EDT)
  • We have decided to not include the "Start Over" button that is displayed in the mockups below. Please ignore it.
  • As of 2011-10-25, Dryad does not support the option for "Not yet submitted". This will not be implemented in the current work.

1. First page of submission system before user has clicked or entered anything

Sub pg1 draft 3.png


2. New fields appear if the user chooses Published under Select Your Article Status

Sub pg1 pub draft 3.png


3. User is prompted to enter journal title if they choose Accepted for article status

Sub pg1 accept draft 3.png


4. If the user enters an integrated journal, they are prompted to enter their manuscript number

Sub pg1 accept int draft 3.png


  1. Some journals use a Dryad manuscript ID with extra digits tacked on to their manuscript number. Do we want to ignore this distinction, or attempt to clarify?

5. If the user enters a non-integrated journal, they must check a box confirming that their manuscript has been accepted

Sub pg1 accept non-int draft 3.png


6. User is prompted to select journal title from a drop down list and enter their manuscript number if they select In Review article status

Sub pg1 rev draft 3.png


7. Planning for future ability to allow data submission to Dryad before manuscript submission to journal, here shown behaving the same as the manuscript in review workflow (that is, with a limited drop down list of journals for which this is allowed)

Sub pg1 NYS draft 3.png