Sword Export to DANS

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Dryad content is stored in the DANS/KNAW system called EASY for preservation purposes. Dryad exports content to DANS using BagIt packages transferred via the SWORD protocol.

Detailed documentation for the DANS tools is on GitHub:

Useful Commands

To package (but not transfer) a single item, with Item ID 20, and leave the package for manual inspection:

sudo /opt/dryad/bin/dspace dsrun org.datadryad.dans.DANSTransfer -i 20 -p -k -t /opt/dryad-data/tmp/

To package and transfer a single item, with Item ID 20:

sudo /opt/dryad/bin/dspace dsrun org.datadryad.dans.DANSTransfer -i 20 -d -t /opt/dryad-data/tmp/