Sword Export to DANS

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Dryad content is stored in the DANS/KNAW system called EASY for preservation purposes. Dryad exports content to DANS using BagIt packages transferred via the SWORD protocol.

Installation Instructions

Detailed documentation for the DANS tools is on GitHub:

Useful Commands

To package (but not transfer) a single item, with Item ID 20, and leave the package for manual inspection:

sudo /opt/dryad/bin/dspace dsrun org.datadryad.dans.DANSTransfer -i 20 -p -k -t /opt/dryad-data/tmp/

To package and transfer a single item, with Item ID 20:

sudo /opt/dryad/bin/dspace dsrun org.datadryad.dans.DANSTransfer -i 20 -d -t /opt/dryad-data/tmp/