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(Smoke Tests)
(Smoke Tests)
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* faceting works
* faceting works
* "view more" on the facets works
* "view more" on the facets works
* Advanced search works, particularly ScientificName.
Item view:
Item view:

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Smoke Tests

These are the basic tests to ensure all components of Dryad are working. These tests are not covered by the Selenium tests. Once something is moved into Selenium, it should be removed from here.


  • A new user account can be registered (email works, clicking on the emailed token works)


  • DSpace home page
  • About page
  • Partners page

Item search:

  • Simple searches work.
  • browses work
  • faceting works
  • "view more" on the facets works

Item view:

  • Item view pages display correctly.
  • Bitstreams can be downloaded.
  • Statistics appear correctly.
  • Handles resolve properly.

Journal submit:

  • Does the journal URL work properly?

Basic submit:

  • Submit a test dataset, with at least one file to upload.
  • Make sure a proper Handle is assigned.
  • Make sure the item is searchable.
  • View the item summary page.
  • Remove the item.

"In Review" submit:

  • Submit a test dataset for an item with the status "in review" (need to set up a dummy journal, so real editors don't get the email)
  • Make sure the item is viewable when using the review URL.
  • Make sure the item is not viewable to normal users when not using the review URL.
  • Remove the item.

Treebase submission:

  • Create a new data package with a nexus file, and forward the file to Treebase. Ensure it arrives correctly.


Dryad maintains a set of selenium tests at http://dryad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/selenium

These tests can be checked out and run (with "mvn package"). Since they work through a web browser, they do not need any Dryad code present on the testing machine.