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Smoke Tests


  • DSpace home page
  • About page
  • Partners page

Item search:

  • Simple searches work.
  • browses work
  • faceting works
  • "view more" on the facets works
  • Advanced search works, particularly ScientificName.

Item view:

  • Item view pages display correctly.
  • Bitstreams can be downloaded.
  • Statistics appear correctly.
  • Handles resolve properly.

Journal submit:

  • Does the journal URL work properly?

Basic submit:

  • Submit a test dataset, with at least one file to upload.
  • Make sure a proper Handle is assigned.
  • Make sure the item is searchable.
  • View the item summary page.
  • Remove the item.

"In Review" submit:

  • Submit a test dataset for an item with the status "in review" (need to set up a dummy journal, so real editors don't get the email)
  • Make sure the item is viewable when using the review URL.
  • Make sure the item is not viewable to normal users when not using the review URL.
  • Remove the item.

Treebase submission:

  • Create a new data package with a nexus file, and forward the file to Treebase. Ensure it arrives correctly.


Dryad maintains a set of selenium tests at http://dryad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/selenium

These tests can be checked out and run (with "mvn package"). Since they work through a web browser, they do not need any Dryad code present on the testing machine.