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Status: Initial implementation is complete, but it will continue to be enhanced.


Authors who submit content to TreeBASE or Dryad have the option to make their content appear in both systems. This saves the time of the author by automating the submission of data to multiple repositories. The author may, however, still need to complete the submission process in the other system, adding additional information that the other system requires.


Choosing to submit data to TreeBASE is an option available to authors during the Dryad data submission process. When a submitter decides to submit data to Dryad, and logs into the Dryad submission process, there are three simple stages to the submission process:

  1. Describe the publication
  2. Upload and describe the data files
  3. Approve data for publication

The TreeBASE submission integration options occur at steps two and three.

At the second stage of the submission process, a submitter will see the opportunity to enter an identification number for the data and the name of the repository in which the data has been submitted.


So, for instance, if the data has already been uploaded to TreeBASE, instead of uploading the data again, a submitter may just input the TreeBASE identifier and select TreeBASE as the remote repository from the dropdown menu in the submission form.


If the data has not been previously uploaded to another repository, the submitter should select to "choose file" from their local machine and have it uploaded into the Dryad submission form. When this has happened, the submission form's page will change to indicate the file size of the uploaded data file.


If a file has been uploaded through the "choose file" interface, at the last stage in the submission process, the author will be given the option to upload the file that has been uploaded to Dryad to TreeBASE as well. Checking the checkbox and selecting TreeBASE from the repository dropdown will initiate the file's upload to TreeBASE.


The author will receive an email when the Dryad submission has been received and another email when the TreeBASE submission has completed. In the second email, there will be a URL that can be visited in order to complete the submission within the TreeBASE system. This will require entering additional information that is not required for submission to Dryad.

Technical Documentation

This integration will be based on the following technologies:

  • BagIt -- A lightweight format for packaging digital content and ensuring that it is transferred intact.
  • OAI-PMH -- A protocol developed by the digital library community to allow harvesting of metadata from remote repositories.

We are evaluating the SWORD protocol to manage the transfer of BagIt packages, but we have not yet determined whether SWORD will be lightweight enough to justify its use.

More detail on the TreeBASE/BagIt handshaking can be found on the Dryad technical documentation wiki

Design History

See also: TreeBASE OAI Provider