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Dryad provides general statistical information about the number of data files and data packages in the repository as well as information about how many times each data package and data file has been downloaded and viewed. These statistics provide an indication about the amount of use that data packages and file receive and give an overall snapshot of Dryad's growth.


To see the overall Dryad statistics, just visit the Dryad home page. One this page, near the top, is a sentence that shows the current date and how many data packages and data files are in Dryad at that point in time. This sentence also gives the number of distinct journals represented in Dryad. For an example, see the screenshot below.


There are also statistics on the data package and data file level within Dryad. They look the same except on the Dryad data package only the number of views are displayed while on the data file views and downloads for that particular data file are displayed.


Technical Documentation

The Dryad statistics build on the statistics package provided by DSpace. More information about the implementation can be found on the Statistics Technology page.

Design History

Dryad's statistics build on DSpace's Statistics module. We also use Google Analytics and looked at that in the process of adding the Dryad statistics functionality.