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Dryad uses FogBugz for internal task tracking. FogBugz serves two major purposes:

  1. managing incoming questions from Dryad's customers (authors, editors, data consumers, etc.)
  2. managing schedules for major development work

Milestones, Tasks, and Sub-tasks

Dryad organized FogBugz content according to the following rules:

  1. A milestone is created whenever we wish to track the time at which a specific activity (or set of activities) will be completed.
  2. Some milestones are designated as "releases".
    1. A release may be based on a single feature, but it is typically focused on the set of features needed for a particular deadline.
    2. If the space between two major deadlines is too great, a release may be scheduled between the deadlines to ensure that progress stays on track.
    3. A release milestone will often depend on more specific milestones, allowing us to track how work on particular features is affecting the schedule. If one of these specific milestones requires a version number, the version number for the release is used.
  3. A task is a feature, bugfix, or activity that is required to meet a given milestone.
    1. A task may be broken down into subtasks, and the subtasks may be assigned to different people.
    2. If a task will take more than 2 days to complete, it should be broken down into subtasks.

Special milestones:

  • Undecided is the default milestone that FogBugz uses when a new task is created. Anything in this milestone needs to be sorted into a different milestone.
  • Someday is a catch-all milestone. It stores items that need to be done, but do not have high enough priority to be on the current schedule.

User Accounts

Many Dryad staff members have individual accounts in FogBugz, so they may perform the activities listed above. There are "virtual" accounts for some staff and external contractors, which are used to organize task lists (but not for direct time tracking).

There are two special-purpose accounts:

  • Dryad Personnel is a virtual account that only sends notifications to Ryan. This is to help us keep track of tasks being performed by people who do not use Fogbugz directly.
  • Dryad Helpdesk is a virtual account that receives the cases from It sends notifications to Ryan, Elena, and Kevin. Tasks in this account need to be acted on quickly or assigned to another user.