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This is the Dryad wiki. It is available via the NESCent site ( and via the Dryad site ( Most of the content in the wiki is available for public reading, but pages in the working group (WG) namespace are restricted to users with accounts. Accounts are required to edit wiki content. See also Account Creation.

Instructions for new users

New users will have to have accounts activated by NESCent. Once an account is activated, these instructions can be sent to the user:

Although most of the wiki is publicly readable, an account is required to see the private working group (WG) pages and to edit pages. The password for your account is initially set to a random string. To reset the password:

  • Go to the wiki home page (
  • In the upper right corner, click "log in / create account"
  • Enter your email address as the login name, but do not enter a password
  • Click the E-mail password button.
  • Once you receive the password, you can use it to login, and then change the password