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The Dryad project requires creation of many documents. This section attempts to distill the software and locations we prefer for various types of documents....

Text-oriented documents

(Yes, this list is a mix of file formats, applications, and locations. It's messy.)

Dryad web site -- finalized documents that are needed by day-to-day users of Dryad

This wiki -- used for documents that are public, but do not have enough status to appear on the Dryad web site. They may be in progress, finalized, or obsolete. (Ideally, the top of each page indicates the status.)

Google Docs -- used while a document is initially being created. Some documents remain here, but others are exported to more permanent formats.

Microsoft Word -- the late stages of many formal documents (publications, grant proposals, etc.)

PDF -- final stages of PR and other documents that need to be widely read. (Many documents are transformed to PDF before placement on this wiki.)

Google Code wiki -- Documentation associated with the Dryad software, as opposed to the Dryad project.

WordPress -- Stores completed blog entries (i.e., short-to-medium length time-sensitive PR pieces), as well as drafts of blog entries. Do we need to have this content backed up somewhere?

Shared Storage


Google Docs -- only works for the document types that Google supports


  • PowerPoint




(still being discussed)

  • Creately -- Online. Excels at creating/managing connections between objects
  • PowerPoint -- Versatile. Doesn't support Linux.
  • OmniGraffle -- Mac only
  • Google Docs -- really doesn't do well for diagrams