2013 Homepage Redesign Mockups Round 2

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Please use the form to provide your feedback by Jan 29, 2013: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHg0MVBRTzFGTlppejVvdzZ0bGp5bEE6MQ

There are three mockups that incorporate the idea of three boxes (search data, submit data, partner with Dryad).

Each mockup has a slight variation of the three boxes and has more content than the last.

Language is not final.

Your time and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Guiding Questions

How much content would you like to see?

  • Which content?
  • Which content would you say should be more prominent on the site?

Should information about deposit costs be put on the homepage?

Mockup 1


1. Slowly rotating content

2. Users can select "Recently Published," "Featured," and "Most Viewed" to view data.

3. Users will be taken away from the homepage to a full page for browsing data.


Mockup 2


1. Rotating news.

2. Images of corresponding journals.

3. Image of select Dryad partners. A full list of partners will be viewable using the "Learn more" link.


Mockup 3

No notes.