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An administrative interface is needed in order to adjust prices, apply credits, etc, after a submission is processed.

See Trello Card #114 on the Dryad Development Board.


  • Requirements for redesign
    • Group some of the content of the page since the DPC and the fees can be charged to different people. They should be treated as separate transactions.
      • For the DPC, there should be a section with:
        • item number
        • amount
        • payer
        • type of transaction (subscription, voucher, credit card)
        • status
        • date
      • For the large file fee and non-integrated fee, there should be similar sections.

  • Original requirements
    • Should be a place to apply a credit, issue a discount, etc.
    • Needs:
      • numerical input box where fee offset is entered.
      • mandatory comment box to explain the reason for the manual override
      • what the person was charged (DPC, and possible extra charges)
      • who was charged and how much
      • if a voucher/waiver/plan was used
      • journal name
    • Need something in the versioning tool that lets us know if there is a versioned submission.
    • Excess data fees should still apply.
    • Need to generate reports so that Laura can reconcile account program and send to FASEB.
      • Ryan said there will be a transaction number to link to/from.
    • In the future, the head curator should be granted access

Original wireframe